Mappy is Switch’s Arcade Archives game of the week.

Through the Arcade Archives label, Hamsters bring hundreds of arcade classics to Switch eShop, spanning many genres and release years. This week’s game is platformer Mappy. this is, International Arcade Museum:

Game introduction

Game music seems to be based on ragtime. The game has a total of 15 rounds, after which you return to the first round. The design was created by Namco and licensed to Barry Midway, who built it.

The player controls Mappy, a police mouse whose job is to collect valuables from the cat’s house. You need to speculate that he is recovering the stolen goods.

The enthusiastic pursuit of our heroes is a gang of five pink cats called Meowsky or “Naughty Folks” and a big red fat cat called Goro or “Boss The Big Bit”.


It consists of trying to retrieve a set of stolen goods from a house that seems to be owned by a cat, one of whom is his boss Goro.

2 treasures / value points each:

  • Tape player-100
  • TV – 200
  • Computer – 300
  • Painting – 400
  • Safe – 500

The sources of other points are 10 points for bouncing on the trampoline, 50 points for hitting the cat at the door, 0 points for hitting the door by yourself, 200 microwave cats per cat, Goro. There are times when you collect treasures twice as much. The grounder behind it attacks the cat with a 1000 point bonus, Meowsky’s Bell 300, and a grounder’s 1000, dropping the cat through a hole of unknown value on the floor.

There are various strategies for getting treasure without being killed and maximizing points. Acquiring treasures in pairs increases the multiplier and gives the last treasure, the second vault, worth 3000 points. This could earn 8500 points just by collecting the treasure. This assumes that you take the treasure in order and will not be killed, as the multiplier will be reset when killed. You can also microwave as many cats as you can at once to catch Goro behind all the treasures hidden behind them.

Use the door button to open and close the door. Cats are stunned when they hit the door, but they can open the normal door that comes out from behind. Only Mappy can open the microwave door. Once used, the microwave oven door becomes a regular door. Cats never close the door. The round begins and the game resumes with all doors closed, regardless of the previous state.

Levels 3, 7, 11, and 15 are bonus rounds. Each red balloon you pop is worth after 200 points. The last balloon with the ground ball behind is worth 2000 points later. Bouncing on a trampoline here is still worth 10 points. If you get all the balloons, you will get a total of 5000 points and 5000 points bonus. To completely clear rounds 11 and 15, you need to be aware of the differences between rounds 3 and 7. If you wait a long time after the HURRY UP message, you’ll see a green rotating disc with Goro.

The Arcade Archives Mappy will be available digitally tomorrow October 21st and will cost $ 7.99 / € 6.99 / £ 6.29 at SwitcheShop.

Mappy is Switch’s Arcade Archives game of the week.

Source link Mappy is Switch’s Arcade Archives game of the week.

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