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The six-time MotoGP World Champion won Austin every year except in 2019 (when he fell with a compelling lead), qualifying and racing that was dominant in terms of pace on past tracks. I’m the record holder for the lap.

Despite its counterclockwise nature, the physical nature of the Circuit of the Americas (which was exacerbated by the bumps) makes it difficult for Marquez and his recovering right shoulder. As a result, he admits that the bike is out of order – I was still able to take the lead in both sessions on Friday..

When asked by if he was fairly close to the physical peak, he replied:

“But when I stopped by the box, I saw him in front of me, but when I knew how I felt on the bike, he said,” Wow, I’m not riding well. “

“But then I stopped in the box and saw me at the top, which is strange.

Yes, I’m happy with the results, but not the performance or feeling.

“I don’t feel great. It’s true that one of my strengths was sector 1 in the past. Now, especially on turns 3, 4 and 5, I’m losing a lot there. I can’t change direction. – I’m late for many laps.

“But with the arrival of lap times, I hope it will rain a little more tomorrow with some practices, because in this way we can survive better throughout the weekend.”

Marc Marquez, Repsol Honda Team

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Marquez also suggests that Sunday’s 20-lap race is a tough race “even if he’s in good shape”, so he’s paying attention to his condition.

“This track is physical and it’s difficult to finish the race in a good way, even if it fits this race track,” he added. “But we’ll see. Sure, the back straight is also very helpful. It’s resurfaced there so you can relax a little, not bumpy, but a little there.

“But it’s a physical race track, so look tomorrow and keep the same level and try to improve as others improve.”

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Marc Marquez labels COTA MotoGP practice pace as “strange” Marc Marquez labels COTA MotoGP practice pace as “strange”

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