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“I don’t eat breakfast.” Marcos Llorente ―――― Atletico Madrid Midfielder, winner Riga’s Conqueror of Manchester United And the owner Probably the best abdominal muscle in Spanish football -Talking to ESPN about the lifestyle he says he made him a player.

“I have lunch at 2 pm and dinner at 9 pm. Two meals a day. I train without eating.”

Fast training with Atletico’s enthusiastic and accurate manager Diego Simeone and the infamous and demanding fitness coach Oscar “Profe” Ortega may sound like a nightmare. However, Llorente, who arrived for this interview, is a smartly dressed, well-mannered, punctual, but compelling and enthusiastic supporter.

“The other day I came back from Manchester [after Atletico’s 1-0 Champions League round-of-16 win at Old Trafford on March 15]”I had dinner there after the match. I boarded the plane, went home at 6am, went to bed, woke up at 1pm and didn’t eat anything until dinner. It’s 24 hours without eating. Because that’s what my body wanted. “

“Lunch is bigger. Supper is a light, vegetable soup or salad,” he says. “It depends on what my body wants. I hear it. If I’m hungry, I eat.”

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Llorente was always different.A family sports dynasty, his father, grandfather, uncle’s latest products played for everything real madridhis Granduncle Paco Ghent won the European Cup six times and his mother was an international basketball player in Spain.

As a young man who graduated from the Academy of Real Madrid, and during the 2016-17 Arabes loan season, he was known for his dedicated concentration and self-discipline. His nickname was inherited from his father, Paco. El Lettuce (lettuce).

“I’ve had a good meal and slept well since I was little,” he tells ESPN. “I talked to my teammates who didn’t believe it, and when they started taking care of themselves, they noticed a big difference.

“Four or five years ago, they thought it was weird, but over time, they all realized it was worth it. Today, many soccer players are themselves. Will take care of you. “

Lorente was acclaimed as a defensive midfielder in Arabes, who led the league for the recovery of the ball, but when he returned, it wasn’t enough to consolidate the Real Madrid team’s place. Zinedine Zidane, the manager at the time, was not convinced, Casemiro In that role, and two years later, Llorente moved across the town to Atletico in July 2019, which looked like a high price of € 40 million.

In the middle of a solid debut season, one game changed everything: March 11, 2020, Atletico’s Last match before the blockade3-2 wins Liverpool It abandoned the then champion from the Champions League in 16 rounds.

Introducing Llorente at the time-replacement Diego Costa 1-0 down-it looked confusing and negative. He responded by scoring twice and scoring a third goal in overtime.Reinvented as a predatory midfielder, one of Atletico’s best European nights and key man Later named His pet dog Anfield too.

“Marcos never imagined he could play as a forward,” Simeone later said. “But when he sees him training, his technical and physical abilities and shooting give us a choice … when the player shows that they have the tools, the coach is careful. Must be paid. “

Lorente became LaLiga’s best player of the season in 2020-21, scoring 12 goals to help Atletico win his first title since 2014. He is now 27 years old and is theoretically approaching the peak of football, but what are the Spaniards already thinking?

“A soccer player’s career ends sooner or later, depending on how lucky he is with the injury. It ends at age 35 and 37,” he tells ESPN. “We need to look for another source of income, but more importantly, a source of entertainment, a source of work. If you lose your goals, you lose your way of life. Some soccer players and athletes have retired. I fall into depression. I have no more purpose or dream. “

Llorente speaks at a restaurant in Madrid that he co-owns. With a rich menu of gluten-free, sugar-free and additive-free dishes, he’s already one of the few business ventures he’s been pursuing away from football.

“We need to distinguish between’health’and’health’,” he explains. “In many cases, a” fit “is not healthy. Those that do not put on weight and those that are low in calories. People add a lot of unhealthy ingredients. We believe that eating healthy means eating. Salad, or something a little boring. That’s not the case. You can eat a healthy pizza or a healthy waffle … I have a source of carbs, protein and vegetables. I know what to eat. “”

So it covers when and what to eat.Probably not the only one Looks like this??

“You will have to train too! Eating good food is not enough,” he laughs. “There are five basic pillars of diet, rest, exercise, and head … there are actually four! Rest is something I often see.”

This includes sleeping in a special bed that “creates a foam that protects you from exposure to electromagnetic radiation through a mesh of silver and graphite.” website Of the manufacturer Hogo. It’s no wonder that the finest California King models are retailed for just under $ 40,000. Llorente likes it so much that he invested in the company and shipped it to the Las Rozas training base in Spain for Euro 2020.

“I sleep eight and a half or nine hours a night,” says Llorente. “I go to bed earlier than anything else. Sleeping from 12:00 to 8:00 am is not the same as sleeping from 4:00 am to 12:00 pm. I sleep when the sun goes down and wake up when the sun rises. Basically . “”

Could it have been difficult to sleep after Atletico’s victory at Old Trafford last month?

“It was very important,” says Ryorente when asked about eliminating United. “More so in that historic stadium … it was important for the team to pass. It gives us strength for what comes next. We know it will be difficult. Was, but the team was at least convinced we would make a complicated thing [United], And that’s what we did. “

Next came the Champions League quarterfinals Manchester city.. Atletico entered the first leg of last week in the best possible way this season. They won the previous six games and Lorente started everything.

It did not stop Simeone from adopting super defense (And a lot of criticism) 5-5-0 formation in Manchester. Atletico couldn’t register a single shot on or off the target with a 1-0 defeat, but when Ryorente (always different) pushed the right wing forward, the slight danger they posed, the second half of the two breakaways. Counterattack has occurred.

Reversing the tie in the second leg at Wanda Metropolitano on Wednesday will be comparable to the wins at Anfield and Old Trafford. If Atletico relieves the turmoil, there is no doubt that Ryorente is at the center of it.

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Marcos Llorente of Atletico Madrid is watching his diet but is hungry for the Champions League and LaLiga titles Marcos Llorente of Atletico Madrid is watching his diet but is hungry for the Champions League and LaLiga titles

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