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Maria Kanellis has returned to ROH, the leader of The Experience, and recently discussed what the new fan engagement platform is. Canellis is a guest on the ROHStrong podcast and talked about the Facebook group of new fan experiences announced when she returned at the end of last month.

“I think 2020 taught me a lot about wrestling,” she said of The Experience’s goals. “And at the heart of it, wrestling fans want to see incredible sports. They want to see their favorites work the way they like. And unfortunately, we. Robbed the experience of live events, but now we can give them a new experience, and that is to give them choices. And they choose their honor and their favorites And to play a match they really want to enjoy. “

She continued. “And many people said this before. You know, you hear it over and over again:’Oh, we’re going to do this new thing! And I’m going to include what the fans really want. “And in many cases it will level off and run short. And maybe this too. However, I will do my best to really send out the voices of the fans. Because I know what you aren’t asked and what you are told what you really want. And I don’t want it for fans, and I don’t want it for wrestlers either. “

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Maria Kanellis Explains Her Role at ROH Maria Kanellis Explains Her Role at ROH

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