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Four IndyCar Champions and the 1978 F1 World Champion sent a message on Twitter:

“My beloved twin brother, criminal partner, and loyal best friend of my life every day, Aldo Andretti was called to heaven last night. Half of me went with him. There is no eloquence. I am upset at my heart. “

After the family moved from Montona, Italy (now Motovun, Croatia) to the United States in June 1955, Aldo and Mario brought back strong memories of witnessing the Italian Grand Prix in Mille Miglia and Monza. That will be their foundation. I dream of participating in motor sports.

The two were excited to discover a half-mile soil oval in the town of Nazareth, Pennsylvania, where their parents chose to settle.

After Aldo and Mario earned A grade in English and math, they worked part-time at a local gas station, saving income and driving obligations to spend 10-year-old Hudson rebuilding into a race car. Was shared.

Despite the lack of points from the previous season, he almost immediately won the Nazareth Speedway and was forced to start from behind the field. Encouraged properly, they began to chase Hudson farther – Flemington, NJ and Hatfield, Pennsylvania – all unknown to their father Gigi.

After that, Aldo was hit by a big accident in Hatfield while running 3rd in the heat race. His right front wheel caught a board protruding from a “safety” fence that flipped the car into the air, and when it landed on the roof, the roll bar gave way. Aldo’s helmet was cracked in an accident and he was taken to the hospital and fell into a coma.

Mario, who remained vigilant at the bedside, had to finally clean up his racing activities with his father. When Aldo came about 10 days later, he discovered that his concussion was so severe that he had to learn to walk again.

In fact, Mario was the only driver of a new (old!) Race car as Aldo continued to recover throughout the 1960s. Finally, at the end of the year, Aldo felt ready to drive at competitive speed again, but on his second outing since the accident at Nazareth Speedway, he suffered another major accident on the back straight. This time I just broke my finger, but Aldo’s racing career is over.

However, Aldo was still a major race enthusiast, and since then he has regularly participated in races to support his brother’s activities. It was no surprise that two of his five children, Adam and John, took part in the race. Adam recently competed in Stadium Super Track and Trans Am, and John was successful in IndyCar, IMSA and NASCAR. John died of colon cancer in January this year.

Even after John retired, Aldo was a regular at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, supporting his nephew Michael and his son Marco. The latter tweeted:

“Uncle RIP Aldo. One of the toughest guys I’ve ever met. I’ve never heard of his dissatisfaction with the characteristics he inherited from John. I brought up one side. “

Andretti Autosport has issued a statement. “Aldo Andretti’s death in Indianapolis, Indiana on Wednesday night is a deep condolence we share. Aldo was born on February 28, 1940 and is full of love and spirit. He died peacefully with his heart.

Born in Montona, Italy, Aldo and his family emigrated to the United States in 1955, and he and his twin brother Mario marked the beginning of the greatest racing dynasty in history.

Aldo’s life was in a different direction than that of the Mario brothers, but Aldo forever shared his passion for racing and was a true motor enthusiast and entrepreneur. He still supports his family’s career and is often found on the racetracks he follows.

Nothing was more important to Aldo than his family. I was very proud to share his life with my wife and high school lover Corky and her five children, Carolyn, Mark, John, Mary Joe and Adam. “

Mario and Aldo Andretti at Indy in 1965 finished third with Mario winning the Rookie of the Year.

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Mario Andretti’s twin brother Aldo dies at age 80 Mario Andretti’s twin brother Aldo dies at age 80

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