Mario Golf: Super Rush gets new details and screenshots.

Nintendo shared details and a new batch of screenshots of Mario Golf Super Rush. Some of them were previously outlined, but they are given a useful summary.

Tee off with family and friends at the fastest Mario Golf ever!

Enjoy a super-speedy golf round on the fairway with your favorite Mushroom Kingdom characters in the Mario Golf Super Rush exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

In speed golf, players tee off together and compete to finish the hole, even if they are outpacing their opponents …

… Or aim for the best shots in a golf adventure, the fun is comparable to the course!

You call a shot

Simple button controls make it easy for beginners and seasoned professionals to drive and putt powerfully. Aim, choose the strength of your shot and shoot the ball!

By holding the Joy-Con controller like a golf club, you can take part in the swing of things with motion control. The characters will adapt to your movements in the game, making you feel like you’re playing golf!

Please note: Motion controls are not available during the Golf Adventure.

Curve the shot to avoid hazards and spin the ball to affect the ball’s rolling after landing. Equipped with functions useful for course capture, such as a shot gauge that adapts to the angle of the slope and a scan that can read the terrain.

Meet the crew!

Choose from a colorful cast of mushroom kingdom characters, each with different strengths and unique special moves.

Special Shot: Superstar Strike
Special Dash: Moonsault Dash

Special Shot: Ice Flower Freeze
Special Dash: Speed ​​Skating Dash

Special Shot: Spiral Stinger
Special Dash: Ribbon Dash

Special Shot: Super Toad Strike
Special Dash: Tumble Dash

Special Shot: Lightning Blast
Special Dash: Jetpack Dash

Special Shot: Egg Shanger
Special Dash: Egg Roll Dash

Special Shot: Meteor Strike
Special Dash: Volcano Dash

Donkey Kong
Special Shot: Burry Strike
Special dash: DK dash

Special Shot: Blossom Strike
Special Dash: Windmill Dash

Bowser Jr.
Special Shot: Smoke Ball
Special Dash: Barrett Building Dash

Special Shot: Naughty Twister
Special Dash: Carousel Dash

Special Shot: Slim Stinger
Special Dash: Dance Off Dash

King Bob Omb
Special Shot: Bomb Soldier Away
Special Dash: Caboon Dash

Special Shot: Songbird Stinger
Special Dash: Diva Dash

Chargen Chuck
Special Shot: Scrimmage Stinger
Special Dash: End Zone Dash

Special Shot: Shooting Star
Special Dash: Luma Dash

Mii character
Special Shot: Power Stinger
Special Dash: Power Dash

Colorful course

Golf varies from round to round, from standard courses to courses with special hazards. Here are some of the gorgeous places you play.

– Bonny Greens: A classic course with rolling hills and lush landscapes.
– Lake Ridge Rock: A windy course with steep cliffs and majestic lakes.
– Balmy Dunes: Desert course with dunes and rocky hills.
– Wild Weather Woods: A forested course that is prone to extreme weather.

Hurry to the hole!

Hit the fairway with up to 3 other players, both locally and online.

In speed golf, you tee off all at once and run through the course as if you were sinking the ball first. Collect items to regain stamina, avoid various dangers on the course and dash towards the ball. To gain an edge in this fast-paced mode, you need more than technique. Run around your enemies and win victory with special dashes and shots!

Want a classic experience?
In standard golf, every stroke is counted and the lowest score wins.

Ready for adventure!

Enroll your Mii character in golf training at a prestigious country club and turn from a rookie to a pro in a single-player golf adventure. Learn how to play, tackle various challenges, and interact with familiar mushroom kingdom characters.

Use your tournament winnings to buy new clubs and costumes to give your game an edge. As you progress, you will gain experience points and raise the level of your character. Use the points you earn to upgrade various stats such as power and running speed and train your Mii character as you like!

Go to one of the multiplayer modes and play against other players with your trained Mii character.

Drive-in battle

Battle golf, a special variation of speed golf with nine holes playing at the same time, has no out-of-bounds. The player who wins the first 3 holes claims victory.

Mario Golf Super Rush launched for Switch on June 25th.

Mario Golf: Super Rush gets new details and screenshots.

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