Mario Toddler Accessories Review: Baby’s First Bumkins

I have a 2-year-old son who is gradually beginning to reflect my words and actions. This is an important developmental milestone in which my wife and I work with him to learn vocabulary, express his emotions in a productive way, and poop in the bathroom. This is also a period during which we can begin to impose an outdated interest in fashion, music, sports team loyalty and popular culture on human creation.

Have you ever seen the world of video games that has spared your son the world of video games? It may be a little more. But a few weeks ago, I received a package from Bamkins containing an assortment of baby and toddler products. Nowadays, I usually burn “gamer gear” to resemble the dust-free Mountain Dew and Doritos dust lords, but this year was a tough year. Hey, if this might keep the hummus away from my kids, why not give it a try?

After a few weeks of testing, you can see that Mario’s bib kept the hummus away from his son.

For non-parents of the viewer, Bumkins sells baby and toddler accessories for a small premium, as they are often covered by family-friendly properties in DC Comics, Nintendo, Disney and Sanrio. The design is delicate and comfortable compared to most toddler clothing. In other words, it is designed to appeal to parents.

Image: Bamkins

In fact, my favorite collection isn’t used by my kids. It’s a trio of see-through travel bags with prints full of Mario and surrounding characters. Over the last nine months, you’ve collected a lot of junk without leaving your desk, so why not use these bundles like an elementary school pencil case? Bowser, Toad, Peach, and some Goombas are currently monitoring a variety of dry erase markers pretending to be used ultimately on untouched dry erase boards.

But this is not mine. This is about his taste for my son, chickpeas and tahini. The synthetic fibers of all Bumkins products are thin and are like rain jackets. The food is well attached to prevent the goops from rolling down the floor, but it can easily come off when running under the faucet. The bibs and mats are machine washable and so far all retain their color. They should sustain the babyhood of one child. We can’t talk about their endurance in homes with multiple human children, but we can see that they maintain the occasional interest of small dogs well.

They are odorless and fit neatly in my backpack (ie I can pack it in a small wad), and I don’t see other people lately so I’m not easily embarrassed Covering my kid with my fandom. I mean, I like it.

Does this mean I will continue to cover my kids with video game products? No. I will spare no child until the child grows older. As I get older, my story of Sonic vs. Mario sounds quaint. Until then, all you have to do is wear countless Mickey Mouse shirts and a good fandom and company iconography.

I am a child I’m having fun here.

Finally, Bumkins also sells a $ 14.98 Game Boy Silicone Teeth Ring on Amazon. Not only is this adorable, it also feels like the culmination of millennial gamers’ parent culture. I know, this is not a good conclusion. An inverted pyramid was thrown out of the window. But without mentioning this detail, I would never have forgiven myself.


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