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The WWE Hall of Fame and former World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry counterattacked Ahmed Johnson.In a recent interview Sportskeeda Former WWE superstar Johnson called Henry a “bat kisser” and Doro a “dangerous worker” because of the 1999 Darendrozdov incident.

In the latest version of Busted Open Radio, Mark Henry accused Johnson of commenting on D’Lo. Henry and D’Lo were integral members of one of WWE’s most important factions, The Nation of Domination.

This is what the “World’s Strongest Man” had to say.

“Take a guy like Ahmed Johnson who has never been told good things about him in professional wrestling. I just wanted to protect D’Lo Brown. He said in that article. D’Lo Brown is dangerous and D’Lo Brown said he ended Darren Drozdov’s career and never talked to him again. I always talk to Darren. D’Lo always talks to Darren, everyone. As you know, I’m telling you the truth. This is a bad person. “

Henry continued to applaud Johnson, saying that his credibility was no longer there.

“Your trust is shot. No one in wrestling says good things about this guy. When did you become a professional, work hard on time, and coexist with your colleagues? And when did you get a kissing ass? And you guys are so thirsty for podcasts that you want someone so badly for your show that you take Johnson crazy about Ahmed. Are you guys? Hey guys. Do your homework. I’ve never heard anyone say something good about him. Not one, not once. So, be inducted into the future Hall of Fame. Before trying to dismantle the played D’Lo Brown, before dismantling the man who was actually the world champion, I haven’t looked in the mirror. Your credibility is shot. Your slip is displayed. I am. “

Ahmed Johnson was a big WWE star in the 1990s. He became the first black intercontinental champion in history. He temporarily joined the ruling nation before being expelled from the stables.

Johnson left WWE in 1998 and retired from professional wrestling in 2003 after a short appearance on WCW and a promotion on an independent circuit.

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Mark Henry gives Ahmed Johnson a part of his heart Mark Henry gives Ahmed Johnson a part of his heart

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