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There was an elephant in the zoom room, and Mark Zuckerberg knew it.

In a phone call with reporters prior to the company’s 2021 Facebook Connect conference this week, embarrassed social media CEO admitted his company’s recent controversy, two fist blows from whistleblowers. .. Frances Haugen’s abominable testimony Coordinated journalism efforts on leaked internal documents Facebook paper..

“Many would say it’s not time to focus on the future,” Zuckerberg said before quickly and properly focusing on Facebook’s augmented and virtual reality development.

“At the same time, I think there are always problems now. I think it is important to move forward to continue to create the future.”

These are some of the new skins Facebook wants to slip in for its metaverse.
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If Facebook’s metaversified future is like the current social media sewage pool, we need to worry a lot.

So what is this hanging carrot of the future that Zuckerberg is focusing on lasers? After hearing from several in-house leads across AR and VR development, and from Zuckerberg and Chief Technology Officer Andrew “Boz” Bosworth, the vision sounds eerie, reminiscent of the early days of VR 2.0. In other words, it’s all about “existence.”

Around 2014-2016, “presence” was a key executive in the buzzword, and developers ran through to show the potential of an experimental VR experience. Turning 2D media consumers into VR followers was a secret source and wasn’t without its benefits. Indeed, many of the media’s early transformational experiences theBlu: Whale Encounter, It was sold with the smile of the user who felt “I’m really there” and the internal organ reaction.

Horizontal Workrooms will soon allow businesses to customize their spaces.

Horizontal Workrooms will soon allow businesses to customize their spaces.
Credit: facebook

Fast forward in 2021 on Facebook Oculus Quest 2 Is now a platform leader in standalone (or wireless) VR and is a win made possible by its lack of affordable headsets and real competitors. The company hasn’t released headset sales data, but a recent recall of the device’s facial interface has fixed that number at around 4 million marks.

As Facebook itself said this week, “VR is at an inflection point,” and it’s bringing AR for vehicles. For industry observers, this is a natural point for the company. Apple, Sony, Microsoft and Valve are coming in for some of the fast-growing Metaverse and need Facebook ready.

Facebook offers an AR experience using a headset room scan camera by releasing a trio of software developer kits called Presence Platforms to bet early claims on millions of metaverse “citizens” It is essentially refining the current quest experience that it can, and not only emphasizes three different areas of growth: individuals, play, and professionals.

The gaming and entertainment application has become easier for Quest 2. But as we saw in the early days of the pandemic, Technology required for Remote work It was an almost unknown area.

Facebook is strengthening it, so it’s no longer Horizon Work Room Add the ability to prioritize experience and work accounts to bypass Facebook account logins, create brand-customized workspaces, and pin important 2D enterprise apps like Slack and Dropbox to your home environment I will be able to do it.

The home is now also rebranded to Horizon Home. Remove the old Oculus Monica.. This is a move to bring the company’s suite of mixed reality services, Workrooms and Worlds, into what appears to be a comprehensive Horizontal brand in the end. It’s true that Zuckerberg himself made it even more concrete, admitting that “most of the roles we want to play are to connect them together.”

Users who wear the headset and launch Home immediately invite friends to join the headset, hang out, watch things, play games together, and more socially. You will be able to.

The general playing experience of the Quest platform also includes messenger calls available throughout the interface, default cloud storage that allows you to delete apps and games without losing important data, and upgrades in the form of multiplayer invitations to ping users. It is done. It is accessible on all platforms (VR, phone, web, etc.).

For a permanent beta social playspace for creators, Horizon World, This is essentially an evolution of VR social networks, and Boz says he has no plans to bring Quest users to the experience right away. Instead, the user continues to launch Home to represent “a safe and secure environment you control.”

Horizon Worlds may seem like a natural landing platform for the Metaverse that Facebook is building for its users, but Boz wants to be careful when deploying it. Said.

“We’re really trying to dial in the creator tool for this product …. One of the worst things that can happen is to get released too soon to get a community or culture that we’re not trying to reach. “He explained. “Culture reflects the tools that are being built.”

That’s why this approach seems strange to companies building billions of user bases around the world and valuing $ 1 trillion in the spirit of “moving fast and breaking things.” is. And Boz admitted in the same way.

“It’s definitely a different approach, especially for Facebook, and it’s no coincidence.”

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Mark Zuckerberg wants to smooth the edge of Facebook’s baby metaverse Mark Zuckerberg wants to smooth the edge of Facebook’s baby metaverse

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