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Market: Again yesterday?There are worries in the market

This time, Fed officials could be careful to avoid “tantrums,” but that would be another issue if there was pressure from the market. This doesn’t work for overbought EMs, especially if the dollar is oversold.


The obvious distrust isn’t just about whether the Sensex is right for the place. The busy pace of improvement since the catastrophic sellout from February to March 2020 and the narrow pool of growth assets favored by foreign funds contribute to skepticism.

The 2008-09 stock market crash and the subsequent 2009-10 recovery may seem like a distant past, but their shadows are still imminent in investor action ten years from now. Therefore, the celebration of over 50,000 marks around Sensex is relatively modest, as market participants fear that the stock price surges after March 23 have happened too quickly and too early. is. The obvious distrust is

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Market: Again yesterday?There are worries in the market Market: Again yesterday?There are worries in the market

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