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Market Rally: ET Markets Morning Podcast: Market Rally Becomes Extensive and Kills Concentration Risk

Hello! Welcome to ETMarkets Morning. A show about money, business and markets. I’m Nandini Sanyal. This is what we have to start your day.

>> Trump clears Covid stimulation package
>> Who wraps Mumbai real estate cheaply
>> Increased market rebound to eliminate concentration risk
>> Promoter holdings rise in many second strains

And there are more. But first, let’s take a look at the state of the market.

>> Singapore Exchange’s nifty futures traded 50 points higher at 7:45 am (IST), demonstrating a bounce on Daral Street.

>> Asian stocks rose this morning following reports that US President Donald Trump has approved a coronavirus stimulus package. Japan’s tops rose 0.1%, South Korea’s Cospi rose 0.2%, but the Hang Seng Index fell 0.4%.

>> The Wall Street index rose at the end of Thursday’s shortened session. The Dow rose 0.23%, the S & P500 rose 0.35%, and the Nasdaq rose 0.26%.

In currency
>> The dollar has fallen and the euro has risen 0.1%. The yen fell 0.2%, the pound fell 0.1% and the yuan fell 0.2%. The Australian dollar remained almost unchanged at US $ 76.

In the oil market
>> Crude oil held back losses and West Texas Intermediate crude oil fell 0.4% to $ 48.03 a barrel.

And with bullion
>> Gold prices have risen in the international market, rising 0.6% to $ 1,894 an ounce.

Overall, the trading system on Daral Street looked strong this morning. On Friday, Nifty formed a bullish candle on the daily chart and a long-legged doji on the weekly chart, showing decisions about future market directions.

We’ll let you know now about some of the top news we’re tracking at this time.

… U.S. President Donald Trump signed a $ 2.3 trillion pandemic aid and spending package on Sunday, recovering the unemployment benefits of millions of Americans and avoiding a partial federal closure, officials said. Said. Mr. Trump has receded from threats to block the bill after heavy pressure from lawmakers in both countries.

… Industry captains, corporate bosses, cricket players, actors and more are once again revitalizing Mumbai’s luxury real estate. Several high-value real estate transactions have closed in recent months, thanks to pandemic-led price adjustments and stamp duty cuts. Buyers include HDFC Keki Mistry, actors Hrithik Roshan, Alia Bhatt, Amrita Puri, stockbroker Motilal Oswal, cricket player Shreyas Iyer, Jatia Hotels Vinod Kumar Jatia, Modison Metals Kumar Jay Modi, Harman Finochem Harpreet S. ..

… Concentration risk, which reflects the stellar returns of only a handful of stocks, has been mitigated for Indian stocks. This is reflected in the structural changes in the market rally (from narrow to wide), with more shares exceeding the benchmark index.Analysts say extensive rallies not only provide a strong foundation for the sustainability of current momentum, but also work to increase market depth and attract higher institutional interest. Ta

… If the promoter raising the stock in his company is a strong signal to investors to consider betting, it is possible that some small and medium-sized stocks are flashing buy indicators. Approximately 80 small business promoters have increased their stake through market purchases over the past two months in the broader market recovery.

… Prior to a three-week long vote to determine a new owner of DHFL starting on Monday, Oaktree Capital Management fired yet another Salvo by attacking the bid of its closest competitor, Pyramal Enterprise. Did. In a letter sent Sunday night to members of the Creditors Committee, the administrator appointed by the RBI, Oaktree said, “Despite the bid to provide maximum value to all stakeholders.” The bid said it was concerned that there would appear to be a “consistent campaign to misrepresent information.”

… Reliance Communications’ bankruptcy resolution process was another hurdle last week when State Bank of India, Union Bank of India, and Indian Overseas Bank classified telco and its unit accounts (Reliance Telecom and Reliance Infratel) as fraudulent. There is a possibility of collision.

Finally, the latest information on all the stocks that are making noise this morning

>> In the second quarter, wellspan bagged orders worth over Rs 6,000 across the water, oil and gas pipe segments will be placed for the rest of the year and for the next period.

>> According to DLF, commercial leasing is expected to reach pre-Covid levels in the next few quarters after a slowdown delays corporate decision-making.

>> L & T aims to hire nearly 1,100 graduate and graduate engineer trainees in 2021 and expand into a variety of industries.

>> PNB has three stressful accounts for sale, including the Birsa Institute of Technology (Trust), with unpaid membership fees totaling close to Rs 34.50.

>> Friday Bharat Forge said it had made an additional investment of Rs 2.87 to use the remaining 8.20 MW of solar power from Avaada Satara.

That’s it for now. Keep track of for all market news of the day. Have a great day first!Bye bye

Market Rally: ET Markets Morning Podcast: Market Rally Becomes Extensive and Kills Concentration Risk Market Rally: ET Markets Morning Podcast: Market Rally Becomes Extensive and Kills Concentration Risk

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