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Market-stimulating double-cropped soybeans


Market-stimulating double-cropped soybeans

A group of ag economists states that there is a market incentive to double the wheat and soybeans in the harvest year of 2023.

Economists at Illinois University and Ohio State University have stated that rotation may be more profitable than corn-to-soybean single rotation due to wheat production losses due to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Gary Schnitky of the University of Illinois is in the Brownfield …

“The combination of these crops provides energy and protein, and prices are adjusted specifically to obtain distributions for these items and livestock,” Schnicky said.

He says the comparisons made between central Illinois and southern Illinois show the most favorable practices in low-production areas that reflect the entire Corn Belt.

“The higher the productivity of the farmland, the higher the corn yield, and the less productive the soybean yield (on less productive farmlands),” Schnicky said. “That is, the relative yields of corn and soybeans are almost the same in southern Illinois than in central Illinois.”

This group made comparisons by mapping different crop combinations and crop rotations by calorie and protein production, with corn producing more calories and soybeans and wheat producing more protein. .. Schnitkey says that using standard corn-soybean rotation as a baseline and planting wheat double-cropped soybeans after corn is the best way to increase calorie and protein production.

The group said that if the wheat market fell by the fall, incentives for double cropping could decline.

Market-stimulating double-cropped soybeans Market-stimulating double-cropped soybeans

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