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Market Summary-May 19 💰

Market Summary – May 19th

Yesterday’s market continued to be in the red as the average S & P level was on the brink of a bear market. Losses appear to be caused by selling pressure from investors littering stocks in the light of the Fed’s rate hikes and rapid inflation. Looking at a particular index, almost all indexes were making little or no profit by noon and maintained that level overall. Overall, the market seems to be doing its best to get out of the bear market. The crypto market showed a slight rise yesterday, recovering some of the losses from the previous day.

Looking at more specific investments, Kohls and Paramount Group are paying attention. Coles anticipates a potential sale in the future, with retailers significantly lowering their full-year outlook in light of the drop in sales. Paramount Group saw a big profit of 15% increase after Buffett’s Berkshire revealed a new investment in the company.

I am not a financial adviser. My comments should not be taken as financial advice. There are risks associated with investing, so be sure to conduct a survey and analysis in advance.

Market Summary-May 19 💰 Market Summary-May 19 💰

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