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Marlboro’s Santa Barbara and Feld lead two HL separated missions

All investments in the company’s Multi-Manager Balanced Managed Trust and Multi-Manager Special Situation Trust will be transferred to Marlboro’s UK Microcap Growth and Nanocap Growth Funds. The multi-manager portfolio of these funds is.

Managers Santa Barbara and Feld, who have managed funds in Marlboro since 2003 and 2013, respectively, will maintain a similar investment strategy in implementing the new bespoke separate mandate.

Marlboro Technology Fund Reopens with Broader Investment Policy to Become Global Innovation Fund

Richard Goodall, CEO of Marlboro, said:

“Marlboro’s growth is always based on a partnership approach with the companies we work with. We listen to their needs and work hard to develop solutions that help them achieve their strategic goals. It is working.”

Lee Gardhouse, CIO of Hargreaves Lansdown Fund Managers, said the company “is pleased to work with Marlboro on the continued adoption of isolated mandates.”

“The Marlboro team has talented fund managers that we value highly. Their appointment has already found a new chapter in our relationship over the last 20 years,” he added. ..

Marlboro’s special situation shifts to IA UK All Companies sector after investment policy change

Marlborough UK Micro-Cap Growth is a company with a market capitalization of £ 250m or less at initial investment, owning at least 80% of its portfolio and led by Feld and Santa Barbara since 2012 and early this year, respectively. increase. Data from FE Fundinfo show a 377.4% increase over the last decade, comfortably surpassing the average peer in the IA UK Small Companies sector over the last three, five and ten years.

Launched in 2013, the Marlborough Nano-Cap Growth Fund holds at least 80% of its portfolio in shares under £ 100m in size at the time of initial investment, significantly outpacing the average peer for more than three to five years. It exceeds. Not just for the past year, but for many years.

Since its inception, it has returned 216.7% compared to the 136.6% profit of the average fund in the IA UK Small Companies sector. Feld has managed the portfolio since its launch, with the addition of Santa Barbara, who has co-managed Marlborough Special Situations since 2014, earlier this year.

Marlboro’s Santa Barbara and Feld lead two HL separated missions Marlboro’s Santa Barbara and Feld lead two HL separated missions

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