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The six-time MotoGP World Champion was chasing his brother Alex Marquez, who was mounted on LCR Honda, on the opening stage of FP2.

Marquez’s brother pushed the front when he hit a dirty outside line on the circuit and destroyed one of the Hondas.

He was then visibly smoking in the gravel as he walked to get his bike back. The Spaniards said this was due to the fact that they knew that the FP2 plan had changed.

“It’s true that on my happy day, the plan changed a bit because of the crash,” Marquez said.

“The plan was to use soft tires on the first and second runs just to understand the race distance.

“that [the crash] I changed my plan a bit, but on the other hand I tried hard rear tires so I changed my plan this afternoon but I already understood a few things so I didn’t change my weekend plan ..

“Sure, I was angry because I felt I was in control after the crash.

“I went wide, and because it’s a free practice, I said,’OK, give up.’

“But when I went to a dirty place, I lost my front and got angry. I knew from the crash that I didn’t follow the right plan and it was a situation I felt I was in control of. Unexpected I just lost the front desk. “

Marc Marquez, Repsol Honda Team

Photo: Gold and Goose / Motorsport image

Marquez finished 8th overall in Aragon on Friday, while Honda teammate Pol Espargaro finished 11th, slightly below the 10th-place drift.

Espargaro tried the 2022 prototype chassis on Friday and was pleased with his first feelings. The Spaniards explained that the new frame was designed to improve the grip problem Honda was suffering all year round.

“Obviously, we are trying to improve our problems this year. [of the tyre]Float on the entry and spin the bike straight, “he said.

“So it’s clear that we’re not as good as in the past, or because Honda isn’t as good as in the past and they’re having a bit of a hard time producing this, it’s getting more grip and more on the rear tires. Grip trying to apply the force of.

“So the idea is to have more grip, as it is certainly on this line.”

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Marquez explains anger at Aragon MotoGP FP2 crash Marquez explains anger at Aragon MotoGP FP2 crash

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