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Mars Horizon struggles to find an audience, but the audience it finds is a very rare and complete nerd game these days, so I’m completely enjoying it. There are no big space battles, no orbital missile launchers, and sadly no Death Star. What you get is a relaxing game that gives you a little insight into the distant world of space exploration. Something obsolete because people go to the moon, drop flags, take selfies, and get angry with the earth and never return.

Mars Horizon leaves you to take over the space agency of your choice, and of course, I’m British, so I took over the ESA-European Space Agency. I didn’t think I was the head of NASA. Rumor has it that English tea is banned in their control room and they will not drink coffee after noon. I don’t have tea or anything.

Take over the agency of your choice and work will begin. Usually, if you are wearing glasses, this is the point where you can push the glasses up to your nose and sit in front of you so that you can focus on the tutorial provided as a large amount of text to read. This is a reading-rich game that needs to capture a lot of information very quickly. Thankfully, it’s very easy to understand and you always have the option to read back what you’ve forgotten. Useful for old kogers like me.

The first few tasks will help you get used to the system of investigating, building, expanding agencies, and even working on your finances. There are many spinning plates, but they rarely tip over. There is constant competition with other institutions to reach the first milestone, such as getting people on track and sending people to the moon, but as I know, the last and ten years behind. It’s not shameful to die.

Mars Horizon is a really calm game, and the music reflects that. The roar around the soothing music is almost enough to send me to the land of dreams, but I liked it all the same. It set me in a relaxing time and all the ideas of competition were shattered. I think I should move on, but if there are no negatives, what are you in a hurry? Instead, I was still researching the best materials to get the perfect launch to the Moon, while the United States and China were first fighting it to send the spacecraft to Mercury. Basically, I was able to play at my own pace and it was really fun. But if you want to win the trophy and supremacy in the Space Race, it’s always there. Moreover, the race doesn’t end until it’s over. You’ve been lagging behind for years, slowly building up your money and technology, and you can suddenly jump into competition. Space travel is slow – a marathon, not a sprint.

However, if you sit behind the headquarters and play a bagger, you can’t escape. To get support and increase your monthly funding, you need to keep the public interested. If you don’t increase your money, there’s a long way to go to build something worth sending to the stars. So, with capital and readiness, undertaking some early missions is not harmful.

There is a big space race with other institutions, but there is also a sense of community spirit. You can praise other agencies in the media and earn brownie points at the agency in question, but that can be annoying to the people of your hometown. You can also work with other institutions to achieve common goals and undertake a diplomatic mission that divides costs and rewards. I like this and it perfectly reflects the real world beyond space exploration. Competing companies are always working together, and sometimes sworn enemies find something in common. Like me and my Dickhead neighbor. I hate him, he hates me, but we both hate bastards who keep parked in our section of the parking lot, and we co-wrote an email to the authorities .. I felt so good that I started to hate each other in honor of each other. Mars Horizon does the same, with few passive-aggressive emails.

There is a lot to digest on the horizon of Mars. Researching the right technology is easy and daunting at first. Looking at the tech tree, it’s easy to think “how do you do that?” But it’s not that difficult and it doesn’t take long.

When you’ve finally completed some test launches and are ready to perform the appropriate missions, things get a little more complicated, but not so many. The mission is divided into multiple sections, and each section provides a mini-game that you can play. They are more logical puzzles that require a little bit of brain, but they are important if you don’t want to ruin your expensive mission at the last hurdle.

Similarly, hard work actually starts with your skills at home. Each boot will increase the XP of the selected component, leveling it up and making it more reliable. You may need to see some rockets explode before you see them destroy the atmosphere, but for greater benefit. Still, it hurts whenever the launch goes wrong, and even more when nothing seems to go wrong. I have a 99% chance of success with multiple launches, but I only see years of research, months of construction, and lots of taxpayer money getting angry at the clouds. Nothing is guaranteed and another life lesson from an unexpected source …

The progress is fast and satisfying, but there is still depth. It’s fun to design rockets, expand agencies, and raise money for more dangerous and exciting missions. Thanks to the quick nature of the game, it’s easy to say goodbye to 10 years at Mars Horizon, and even easier to shake some. Real life time is also far away.

Mars Horizon PS4 Review

  • Overall-great- 8/10



The Horizon of Mars is a really relaxing, clever little game. There’s a lot to learn and it’s a great way to introduce science and the universe in an easy-to-digest way. Not only educational, it’s a lot of fun.


  • Controlling the console is very easy and soothes the worries that came from the PC version
  • Progress progresses at your own pace
  • Deep, rewarding and fairly educational (I don’t know how to make a rocket after playing, just for reference …)


  • I wish I could see more people, not just behind my head.
  • Free play “sandbox” mode would have been a nice addition to have

Review Disclaimer: This review was performed using the code provided by the publisher. Read the review policy for more information.

I reviewed it using PS4 Pro.

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Review: Mars Horizon – PS4

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