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Marten Transport Report Records Second Quarter Financial Results

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On July 15th, Marten Transport reported record operating revenues and revenues for the second quarter.

Mondobi, Wisconsin, a supplier of time- and temperature-sensitive transportation services, said net earnings for the three months to June 30 were up 18.1% to $ 21.4 million, or 26 cents per diluted share. Said. At the same time last year. Operating revenue improved 9.4% from $ 212.4 million to a record $ 232.4 million.

“Our talented and disciplined people have taken advantage of the ongoing tight freight market to drive the highest operating revenues and profits of any quarter in the past,” Randy Marten said in a statement. It states. “We continue to grow and continue to increase customer rewards for premium services within the constrained freight market, primarily caused by the relentless national shortage of qualified drivers.


“We also focus on structurally improving the driver’s work-life balance by working with our customers.”

Marten Transport also reported that it saw the highest utilization and fuel surcharges deducted in every quarter since its listing in 1986. Operating expenses as a percentage of operating revenue improved to 86%. Operating profit improved 12.9% from $ 25.3 million in the second quarter of last year to a record $ 28.5 million.

The result was close to what Wall Street expected. According to Zacks Consensus Estimate, investment analysts wanted 26 cents per share and $ 237.2 million in quarterly earnings.

Revenue by segment

•• Track road Second-quarter operating profit for the second quarter increased 1.8% from $ 94.2 million in the second quarter of 2020 to $ 95.9 million. Operating income for this segment increased 19.6% from $ 11 million to $ 13.2 million.

•• designatedd increased 6.2% from $ 75.4 million to $ 80.1 million. Operating profit fell 7.3% from $ 11.5 million to $ 10.6 million.

•• Intermodal It increased by 26.1% from $ 20.3 million to $ 25.60 million. Operating revenue increased 93.9% from $ 954,000 to $ 1.9 million.

•• Mediation It increased by 37.1% from $ 22.5 million to $ 30.8 million. Operating revenue increased 57.3% from $ 1.8 million to $ 2.9 million.

Marten Transport is 42nd To Top 100 List of Transport Topics Largest Employment Careers In North America. The company was founded in 1946.

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Marten Transport Report Records Second Quarter Financial Results Marten Transport Report Records Second Quarter Financial Results

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