Martin Scorsese isn’t sure if he can find the sparks to make Flower Moon’s next movie killer

2020 has had a major impact on the mental health of everyone. Most people feel mentally or physically at the top of the game between work closures, constant worries about global health emergencies, and endless bouts of self-isolation I don’t. Martin ScorseseWas supposed to start shooting his next movie before Blockade postponed shootingAdmitted to the empire that it was no longer known if he could return to work with the same energy.

‌‌ “I like people to be grateful [my previous movie The Irishman].. I was very impressed.this [global health crisis] Stopped the creative process. I turned on myself. It got rid of a lot of distractions, especially when we were trapped in the house in the first few months.I have to find a way back to the only creative urge I had for my new movie Irishman.. I’m wondering if I can cut out all the awards ceremonies, go back to the room alone for the project, and do something again. “


Scorsese’s next film will be with two of his longtime creative collaborators. Robert de Niro And Leonardo DiCaprioThis is the first time the three have worked together on a project.The title of the movie is Flower Moon Killer, And it’s based on a non-fiction book Flower Moon Murderer: Osage Murder and FBI Birth, By American journalist David Grann.

Even before the lockdown hit, Scorsese’s next film ran into many obstacles. Most notably, traditional Hollywood studios didn’t want to fund the project with the filmmaker’s estimated budget. Fortunately, Apple TV Plus boarded the rescue and the company was happy to sign the $ 200 million or more check needed for the movie.

This isn’t the first time filmmakers have found streamers more affordable than traditional studios. The movie before Scorsese, Irishman, Netflix could only give a green light after agreeing to make the movie. Looking back on that experience, Scorsese is happy with the movie he managed to make.

When Irishman, I’ve done what I want to do. I don’t know if it’s great or good. I know I was able to see it. What I mean is that I have to go back and find the spark. I don’t know if I can do it.However [crisis] It is almost obligatory to go and find it. Now that everything else is gone, there is no more normal life. So what do you have? You have the people you love, your family, and the creative sparks you want, and maybe it can be rekindled for a new movie. But I continue to return to The Irishman. Think about the Irishman.I use Irishman As … I used that experience as a lesson. “


Hopefully the iconic filmmaker will soon regain his Mojo and take the form of a fight again to make his next film, eagerly expected by film lovers waiting to see it. Masu DiCaprio and De Niro Take the opposite action again since the 1993s This boys life..

Complete interview with Scorsese Empire Online.

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Martin Scorsese isn’t sure if he can find the sparks to make Flower Moon’s next movie killer

https://movieweb.com/martin-scorsese-killers-of-the-flower-moon-robert-de-niro-leonardo-dicaprio/ Martin Scorsese isn’t sure if he can find the sparks to make Flower Moon’s next movie killer

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