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For many competitors, 2020 was a period of uncertainties. Livelihoods were lost due to sporting event cancellations, travel restrictions, business closures, and out-of-control situations.

For Martin “King Kong” Zawada, he KSW 58 Is one of the great expectations and one of the most important due to his long absence from the combat scene. It was more than two years ago that Zawada graced fighting fans with his presence. Shocking the world at KSW49 in 2019, Zawada unanimously won an impressive victory over UFC veteran Thiago Silva. The victory was a surprise to many. For Zawada, it’s a foreseeable result, a testament to his self-belief that he can fight any competitor standing across from him.

“The fight against Chiago was a big deal for me,” Zawada told MYMMA NEWS. “I dominated him in a stand-up and knocked down twice. It was awesome. It showed me and everyone that I could fight and win the best fighters in the world. It was. “

In late 2019, Zawada helped his teammates prepare for the next fight. One of the training camps Zawada attended was the rising star brother David Zawada in the UFC. As 2020 began, Martin Zawada realized he was ready to take on another battle. All of his aspirations will stop as an unexpected health pandemic causes dramatic changes in those plans. Like many competitors, Zawada was strongly affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

“During that time, I felt like I was missing something in my life. I missed training and competition deeply.”

Zawada was able to survive the turbulent storm of 2020. The time away from the competition allowed fighters to heal their injuries, relax and spend time with their families. As the storm finally cleared up, the forecast spells out King Kong’s return to action. Martin Zawada will be attending the main event of KSW58, which will be broadcast live from Lodz, Poland. Zawada is proud to take on the terrifying challengers found in his opponents at the next event.

Zawada’s opponent at KSW 58 is Olympic gold medalist weightlifter Simon Koretsuki. Koelecki’s last appearance was also in 2019, with two TKO victories. Zawada is looking forward to the next showdown. He believes that his experience, fighting strategy, and thirst for victory are decisive factors in giving him an edge over his enemies.

“I’m training really hard for this fight and I’m looking forward to the challenge,” Zawada said. Kolekki is a tough rival, but I’m looking for a finish, so my experience and knockout power are excellent. Fans will see an exciting battle. “

The long wait is finally over as Martin Zawada intends to show another overwhelming performance at the KSW 58. Most recently, Zawada has signed a new contract with the company. KSW His permanent battle home. A victory over Koelecki will help you gain momentum in the hope of becoming a thriving venture at KSW.

Martin Zawada

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Martin Zawada discusses return to action at KSW58 Martin Zawada discusses return to action at KSW58

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