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Maruti invests Rs18kcr in Sonipat plant to deploy 1 million units annually

India (MSI) announced on Thursday that its new manufacturing facility in Haryana is the third in the state, reaching a peak capacity of 100,000 rupees per year over the next eight years, with a total investment of 18,000 rupees. Did.

The new facility, which will be built on 800 acres of land in IMT Harkhoda in the Sonipat district, will require a total investment of 11,000 chlores in the first phase and an annual production capacity of 25,000 rupees.

The first vehicle set will be deployed from the facility in 2025.

At an event commemorating the official announcement of land allocations to automotive majors, MSI Chairman RC Bargaba said the Sonipat plant’s 100,000 rupee capacity will help meet both domestic and export market demand. ..

“Depending on market conditions, we can reach the peak capacity in eight years. After that, the Sonipat factory will be the largest site with a production capacity of 100,000 rupees,” he said.

Currently, MSI has a cumulative production capacity of approximately 220,000 rupees annually across its two manufacturing plants in Haryana and its parent Suzuki Motor facility in Gujarat. The two plants in Haryana (Gurgaron and Manesar) have a combined unit of approximately 155,000 rupees per year.

Suzuki, the parent company, also established a facility in Gujarat with an annual production capacity of 75,000 rupees after starting production of Unit 3 in April last year.

All units manufactured by Suzuki Motor Gujarat Pvt Ltd (SMG) will be supplied to MSI.

Ken Ayukawa, Vice Chairman of MSI, And the prosperity of the Haryana people was tied to each other.

“India was not included in the world’s car manufacturing map when Suzuki began operations in Haryana. Currently, India is the world’s fourth-largest automaker. India will be the third-largest in the coming years. I hope to become an automaker, worldwide, “he said.

He said Haryana has played a great role in the company’s growth over the years and has helped it become the country’s leading automaker.

“So we are pleased that Haryana is one of the top places for car manufacturing not only in India but also in the world. Today we sign an agreement with the Government of Haryana on 800 acres of land allocation. .. 100 acres of land for Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited. Martis Suzuki will soon begin construction of an automobile manufacturing plant. “

With the support of the state government, he added that the first plant with an annual production capacity of Rs 25,000 is expected to go into operation by 2025.

Ayukawa said that Phase 1 of the project would require an investment of around 11,000 rupees.

He added that this includes some common infrastructure and facilities for land, car manufacturing plants, and future plants.

MSI has presented a check for Rupees 2,131 to the Haryana Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (HSIIDC).

What’s more, Suzuki Motorcycle India, which will acquire 100 acres of parcels at the new facility, handed over a check of 266 rupees for land allocation.

Vijayendra Kumar of the Government of Haryana’s lead underwriter and the Department of Commerce said Maruti Suzuki and Suzuki Motorcycle have invested Rs 18,000 and Rs 1,466 in the Sonipat site.

He added that the facility provides direct and indirect employment opportunities for more than 13,000 people.

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Maruti invests Rs18kcr in Sonipat plant to deploy 1 million units annually Maruti invests Rs18kcr in Sonipat plant to deploy 1 million units annually

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