Marvel already has the idea of ​​a sequel to the legend of Xiangqi and Tenling

Marvel seems to have a lot of confidence in what’s coming Legend of Xiangqi and 10 Rings, The filmmakers behind the latest MCU movies already have ideas for sequels and future adventures of famous characters in the wider MCU.

Xiangqi Is the first movie to feature a new character in the title in the fourth phase of the movie world. In the previous part of Phase 4, we covered heroes that movie fans are already familiar with on other outings. The film follows Shang-Chi, a talented martial artist who was trained to take over the leader of a tening organization from his father, Wen Wu, from an early age. However, he rebelled against this and left, only being dragged into the organization later in life.

In a pre-release interview, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Fage said:

The early reaction to the characters and the legend of Xiangqi and Tenling itself is very much in the hope that people will want to see more of these characters. We certainly have a lot of ideas about where to take them and where to put them. And, as you say, the fun part is that we know that the movie works when people ask not only the title character, but people ask co-stars or support players. I am. And it’s encouraging, especially in this movie, as they are spectacular and have great potential in the future.

This sentiment is shared by the director of Destin Daniel Cretton, Xiangqi.. When asked about what’s left on the floor of the cutting room, he said, “There was one setting I couldn’t do in this movie, but I don’t say what it is because I really want to do it. Another In the movie again. “

Please note that only one MCU film has not received a direct sequel and it is from 2008. The Incredible Hulk, So it seems unlikely that Marvel will change tracks and decide not to make a second installment somewhere in the future. Characters in particular will play a major role in future projects.

“But I think the end of the film gives a pretty clear direction, at least, how important, how important, and how directly Shang-Chi is in the world.” , The phase continues.At the end of Iron man 1Said Tony Stark, “You are part of a larger universe, you just don’t know it yet.” And, without giving up, very much like Shan at the end of this movie. Will occur. “

Legend of Xiangqi and 10 Rings Released this month.

Marvel already has the idea of ​​a sequel to the legend of Xiangqi and Tenling

https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/marvel-already-has-sequel-ideas-for-shang-chi-and-the-legend-of-ten-rings/ Marvel already has the idea of ​​a sequel to the legend of Xiangqi and Tenling

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