Marvel Avengers Get New Superheroes and Supervillains in December

Can Kate Bishop turn things around for the Avengers? (Photo: Square Enix)

Square Enix’s first major slice of DLC The Avengers game will be ready in early December, with Kate Bishop and Super Adaptoid.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about how Marvel’s Avengers went below performance, and the game sold only 60% of what Square Enix originally wanted, but much to the promised free DLC. Not helped by the delay.

The coronavirus was the main cause of the delay, but you should wonder if it was really the best way to focus the first big DLC ​​drop around Kate Bishop and Super Adaptoid.

Neither has appeared in Marvel movies, Kate is great in comics, but Super Adaptoids are basically just another robot-to DC’s Supervillain Ameiso, which can mimic all the abilities of the regular Avengers. It is the equivalent Marvel.

Kate Bishop is a disciple of Clint Barton, formerly named Hawkeye, but the game seems to use the actual name.

She will be introduced through a new set of story missions that have already been teased in-game by the new tachyon missions. The idea is that the story ends when Clint Barton is added as a playable character in the “early” 2021.

SQUARE ENIX has always had the idea of ​​adding new playable characters, villains, and a stable stream of missions to the game, but Burton’s next game should be a PlayStation-only Spider-Man.

Black Panther and War Machine have also been rumored based on data mined information, but have not been officially announced.

Not only was the DLC delayed, but the planned next-generation version was also delayed, and there is no date yet as to when they will be available. Once complete, you can upgrade for free if you have the original version.

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Marvel’s Avengers getting new superhero and supervillain in December

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