Marvel: Champions Realm-Interview with Scott Bradford and Albert Bradford

Last week I had the opportunity to speak with Marvel: Realm of Champions Senior Quest Designer and Lead Designers Scott Bradford and Albert Bradford. I told them about the appeal of the game, Marvel’s reference, and their favorite heroes. Read on to learn about the unique Marvel experience in particular.

Spencer Legacy: So tell me a little Champions Realm..

Scott Bradford: so Champions Realm Is an action RPG real-time multiplayer game set in the new Marvel Universe we created. A great deal of emphasis is placed on character customization and real-time multiplayer vs. and co = op experiences. Players can expect to customize their Marvel champions, play against teammates and other players, and win supremacy in the battle world.

What is divided Champions Realm From another game?

Albert Braga: One of the biggest differentiators we have is the customization system. This is the first thing that stands out. There are all Marvel games where you can customize champion statistics and switch skins and colors. We are the only Marvel game that can do all this and you can combine gears like any other gear based game. You can wear different helmets, different gloves, and they have different statistics and look different.

Many of the customizations we make are as deep as changing characters. You can change the weapon. This basically changes the character to another character. Like the Hulk with a hammer, it has different abilities than the Hulk with a gauntlet, which translates into a different playstyle. So our customization is arguably the biggest difference from all other Marvel games. So far, I don’t think anyone is close to that.

We offer different experiences in terms of gameplay. There are many MOBA elements in our game, but there are also fighters elements. We give you the opportunity to join us within 5 minutes and have a PvP Marvel experience. So we’re really targeting mobile and mobile play styles for Marvel PvP games, but this isn’t very good.

Scott: We want to say “Make Marvel Yours” and I think that’s the heart of the game.not you Include Hulk, it’s your Hulk. And you can show the Hulk the way you want and play it the way you want. That is what we are aiming for.

Why did you choose the 6 available characters to base yourself on?

Scott: Players want to play the Marvel game, partly because if they are running the Marvel game, they expect that it is probably clear that many characters come from the Avengers rights. Play as Iron Man, Hulk and Spider-Man. So while it resonates with the brand, it also has gameplay reasons. These six characters play the role of designing in the game, the role of tanning, the role of support, and the role of damage. Also, so far there are six and there is a seventh. If you look at the latest cutscenes we released online, there are other house characters, they are the leaders of those houses, but in this world there are others we built it with. Imagine having a character The point in the future may be a playable character.

So it’s also part of being a customization-focused RPG. The promise we give players is that you can express yourself as these characters. What can be built in the game. So six are just the beginning.

Alberto: To add a little to that, the important thing Scott said at the end is that this is our first character choice, as if you follow, the plan is to have more. Champions Contest, They have been adding something to the game for 6 years. Our plan is to do the same. In short, we plan to support this game with new gear, new weapons, and new characters. The top six discussions are what Scott mentioned, which has struck a chord with fans and created cool gameplay dynamics.

Who is your personal favorite group?

Alberto: Let Scott go first.

Scott: storm. I said it yesterday, I’m the largest Pyramid X Stan ever. I had a pin yesterday, but I forgot it today. I wear it whenever I have the opportunity. Whatever Alberto’s answer is, it’s wrong.

Alberto: Which one? Storm is the general answer, which weapon you need to say.

Scott: Certainly lightning. We’ve actually added some new weapons to the game. Storm has a new lightning weapon that can be used with the Blizzard Wand.

Alberto: The mine must be a Hulk with a gauntlet. I like hammers, but the gauntlets I think are my favorites.

What do you say to fans you may not know Champions Realm?? They are watching Marvel games, why is it so appealing to Marvel fans?

Alberto: They’re not wrong, it’s definitely a Marvel game. But for those who are Marvel fans, we tried to really go deep into Marvel’s stories and folklore. Scott can talk about it better than I do. Not only are there many references from Marvel and some really ambiguous references, but they are inspired not only by the movie by creating them all, but also by the cartoons by creating them all. You can see Marvel’s entire history and all the alternative realities and all the different comic book issues come together.

We are almost creating the universe based on everything Marvel has released so far. Also, not only play as Spider-Man, your Spiderman or your Iron man. Those who play with toys may like this head, this arm, and this pants. You can actually make your own Marvel Hero and make it yours, and I think all the backgrounds and stories we use should be really appealing to Marvel fans.

Scott: Yeah, if you just echo it and know nothing about the manga, it’s okay.If you don’t know anything about movies, if you live in the world in 2020, it’s basically impossible to know even a little [laughs,] As my mom knows who Iron Man is. There is something for everyone. Even when we design games, we have all types of players that we can imagine playing games. Casual Marvel fans, hardcore competitive PvP gamers, we really want to have something out there for everyone. Even the entire beta version, by responding to people’s feedback, I think we can see it in many of the things we’ve added.

We’ve added stories to the game, added game modes to the game, added new customization options to the game, and added new weapons. So there is something for everyone, no matter what player you are. Another part of our team mantra is that it is “familiar but different”. That is, what you are aware of and what you are not aware of. I think it’s really exciting. Our Doctor Strange isn’t the Doctor Strange you know, but it’s still Stephen Strange, right?

Thanks to Scott and Albert for taking the time to speak. If you are interested in Marvel: Realm of Champions, you can check the official website and pre-register on the Google Play store.

Marvel: Realm of Champions – An Interview With Scott Bradford and Alberto Braga

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