Marvel was saved from being locked out of the Golden Globe Awards by WandaVision’s lead star

Marvel didn’t have the best time at the awards ceremony, and their expansion to television didn’t bring so much cheers with just two Golden Globe nods.

WandaVision Finale Summary & amp; Review: A blockbuster work suitable for a big screen

After having a lot of potential on the Emmy nominations list, Marvel could secure the nominations they might have wanted after the first year at Disney + and the number of high-profile movie releases. I could not do it.However, as the Golden Globe Award nominations were announced, it was thanks to the acting lead again. Wandavision The Marvel noticed that he was running for a shot by scooping something out of a high-profile event.In the category that covers the limited TV series, it’s Elizabeth Olsen When Paul Bettany Kathryn Hahn did not participate in the Best Supporting Actress Award this time, but to save the day by being nominated for Best Actress and Best Actor, respectively.

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The expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Disney + seemed to be the primary way for Marvel to gain a foothold in numerous awards ceremonies that were previously locked out due to lack of content for television.When Wandavision, Falcon & Winter Soldier When Loki, Disney and Marvel probably thought they would scream good in the nominations when some of the biggest nights happened on TV. Not all shows are eligible for nominations, Loki It’s too late for this year’s Emmy shots. Wandavision Thanks to its main star, the only Marvel is offered to find yourself on the candidate list.

The show was nominated for a number of Primetime Emmy Awards, but only a few Creative Emmy Awards for technical achievements. And one for the song Agatha All Along, This was probably one of the most unexpected nominations won by the show. When it comes to acting awards, all nominations have been nullified. This was a big disappointment for Marvel, but it was probably not entirely unexpected, as Marvel has never had the utmost luck in winning awards in major categories. movie.

This time Olsen finds himself again for her role with Kate Winslet Mare in East Town, Jessica Chastain, Cynthia Erivo, Margaret Qualley, and Bethany play other Marvel Stars in Oscar Isaac. Scenes from a marriage And for Michael Keaton Dope stick, And Ewan McGregor and Tahar Raheem conclude the nominations. Among the nominations, Winslet and McGregor aim to follow up on the Emmy’s victory, which has the same result at the Golden Globe Awards, and many are not against winning the prize again.

Golden Globe Awards It will be held on January 9, 2022, but it is undecided whether it will be aired. NBC refused to broadcast the ceremony after many studios, including Netflix, WarnerMedia, and Amazon, threatened to boycott the award after being hit by complaints about the lack of diversity in voting bodies. Twenty-one new members have joined the voting body to increase voter diversity, but it is not yet known if the event will air. A list of all nominations for this year’s Golden Globe Awards Official site.

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Randall Park says WandaVision’s spin-off with Jimmy Woo will be a “blast”

Randall Park wants Jimmy Woo to return to the MCU soon, but can’t guarantee that it will happen.

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Marvel was saved from being locked out of the Golden Globe Awards by WandaVision’s lead star

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