Marvel World Mancher Galactus Eat Fortnite

At least that’s the best I can explain what happened at the Fortnite superhero-filled finale in Chapter 2, Season 4. The climax of the Avengers-themed Murder Island Madness movie ended with a wonderfully bizarre dog fighting section that threw players into the planet killer’s tummy before taking the server offline in preparation for Season 5. Enter straight.

Are you confused? Similarly, it is a bud. Let’s take a step-by-step look again with the summary compiled by YouTuberGuille-GAG.

So, taking a break from blasting each other’s lives for a moment, our fighting royals gather in helicopters when a giant horned figure in the distance is approaching. It takes enough time for him to grow to full size, but the big young man quickly smashes the boat in flight and sees the event slowly pan out and gives Iron Man a jetpack. Prompt to.

I don’t have much clue about Fortnite’s “folklore”, but at some point your man Galactus begins to smoke what is called Zero Point. When the flash occurs, you suddenly become the first person in a battle bus surrounded by hundreds of thousands of other buses. Then Fortnite becomes a shooter, flying around and over Galactus until you drive straight into his mouth.

When cut to black, the phone rings and Johnny (Fortnite’s blonde Hinbo mascot) wakes up. The server goes down and the main menu tells you to wait for Season 5.

I wasn’t there for the event itself, but I’m still fascinated by these weird live events. I still don’t think it endures that black house moment that sucked the game’s main menu into a singularity, but it’s a bit wild that Epic can blend multiplayer deathmatch with this kind of movie framing. (However, as always, it’s worth pointing out the human casualties of Fortnite’s desperate renewal cycle).

Following the spectacle, Fortnite’s server shut down for maintenance. They need to return with Season 5 around 8am UK time (4am Eastern Standard Time).

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Marvel world-muncher Galactus just ate Fortnite

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