Marvel Zombies board game plan announced as CMON celebrates its 50th Kickstarter campaign

Cool Mini Or Not is celebrating its 50th Kickstarter campaign by bringing a new Marvel-themed entry to the popular Zombicide series.


CMON is one of the best names in the field of board game design and, as the name implies, is best known for pushing the limits of the quality of the miniatures used in. Table game..Publisher in 2012 Zombie pesticide At that time, it set the record for the most money ever earned on a Kickstarter board game. It’s a record they broke many times since then, especially by the second edition. Zombie pesticide It raised more than four times the amount of the original game and earned an astonishing $ 3.4 million.

actual, Zombie pesticide The series has gone through a unique life for publishers who create seven sequels, multiple extensions, graphic novels, and tabletop RPGs. Core games are known for pop culture riffs, but some entries exist as complete crossovers. Zombie night With the adaptations released last year Army of the dead Next year’s version has already been announced. CMON is the latest entry in the series Marvel Zombies license.

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CMON was teasing something important to celebrate the 50th Kickstarter campaign, but just recently sent a two-foot-high zombie. Galactus Understand many topboard games YouTuber before announcing the latest project details in a few days. The Galactus in question can be a decorative extra, but the game has extensions centered around huge ones.

Other popular characters already identified in the game include Spider-Man, Ironman, Captain America, Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Deadpool, Captain Marvel, and some of them are heroes and zombies. Early details suggest that both sides can control while the player is trying to complete the story-driven scenario. CMON fans already know that they expect dozens more characters to be revealed in the course of the Kickstarter campaign.

It is unclear at this time how closely publishers will try to link the project to the recently announced ones. Marvel Zombies Anime series Come to Disney +.Fans waiting for the screen adaptation of the popular Marvel story were able to get the first glimpse in the world Marvel’s what if A television series that aired earlier this year. Episode in question, What if … zombies? !!Is one of the highlights of the 9-episode series, and the idea is now featured in its own series.

Zombie Side View Zombie night Following the exact story of the movie, it dramatically slowed down the normally exaggerated gameplay of the series. Similarly, little is known at this time, Army of the dead The version is expected to lead to events in Zack Snyder’s expanding universe At least reproduce the plot of the first movie.

Kickstarter Marvel Zombies Board games are currently followable and will be available in early 2022. This means that it’s unlikely that it will be released until mid-2023 at the earliest, so there’s plenty of time for the Disney + series to arrive first. at the same time. Given the track record of the announcement and the timing of chance, the two are likely to intersect in some important way.

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Marvel Zombies board game plan announced as CMON celebrates its 50th Kickstarter campaign

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