Marvel’s Avengers continue to fix wrong issues

Marvel’s Avengers is a game that I have a lot of love, perhaps contrary to my better judgment. The single-player campaign featured a big and fun story, but the collaborative component of the endgame went out of the gate with a lack of compelling post-campaign content, and it’s actually since its launch. There was no improvement. It’s a Titanic-style “too big to fail” theory, but with recent updates, I’m really worried about its future. The announcement of a major XP grind rework is probably the most worrisome sign to date, as developers continue to fix issues that aren’t really the Avengers’ biggest issue.

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That core battle of over 150 hours at Marvel’s Avengers and how to make each character feel their abilities is why I’m back despite the lack of content. Whether it’s a new mission type, enemy type, or even a location. It’s all missing. A good example: Six months after launch, only four bosses can fight. This has been the same since its launch. Only half of these, the taskmaster and the abomination, are actually supervillains.

You haven’t spent much time playing online components to hone your heroes, but perhaps even more for many who were considering jumping in with the release of next-generation versions or new Hawkeye story content. It will be the slogan.

The development team recently announced a rework of XP that slows down hero-level crushing.


Crushing heroes every 50 levels unlocks the abilities you can actually enjoy in The Avengers. Regular access to these new powers will prevent your hero from becoming completely out of date. The development team recently announced a rework of XP. This slows down hero-level crushing and makes the already repeated process even longer. Reassessment of how early XP was born out of concerns about this pace, as detailed in the blog post:

“The current XP” curve “is not really a curve at all. In most RPGs, leveling up on a curve increases the amount of XP you need to level up, but our system is straight. This creates pace issues, such as current skill point rewards being too fast, which can confuse and overwhelm new players. “Most RPGs I’ve played so far require more XP per level than previous RPGs, but they tend to offer levels or versatility and reproducibility not found in The Avengers. In fact, the speed of leveling up characters and gaining new superpowers was one of the more welcoming aspects of the Avengers post-game. In an experience designed to play as part of the most beloved superheroes of all time, I’ve always been able to acquire new abilities and combine them to create my own version of the hero. That’s why I kept playing, and I couldn’t find it overwhelmingly.

This decision is a bit confusing, especially if the amount of content added since the release is minimal. XP rework doesn’t look like a unnecessary change if you have enough gameplay diversity to support it, but without it, it’s like a step in the wrong direction. I feel it. At least adding something to the fun game when you grind isn’t what everyone is looking for.

At least adding something to the fun game when you grind isn’t what everyone is looking for.


It’s especially frustrating because I continue to have hope. On the eve of every coming wartable stream, I thought, “This might address the problem.” The idea has not yet come true.There was no word for a secret lab mission aimed at testing the highest level characters. Without these, there is little incentive to look for better loot. It’s been months without any additional roadmap signs, but it’s hard not to worry about this.Especially strangely, some players I accidentally participated in a Secret Lab mission in September.

Several months have passed without any signs of a roadmap.


Given the current state of the world, there is certainly a very good reason for some of the published content to be delayed. However, the lack of communication with Marvel’s exclusive Avengers player base combined with such a sudden announcement is frustrating.

March 18 could have been the moment when Marvel’s Avengers rewrote some of the mistakes, recalling expired players and attracting a new group of players. Hawkeye will participate in the battle with the arrival of PS5 and Series X versions, in addition to a series of story missions. But now many can be postponed due to the increase in grinds waiting for them. XP curve changes will not be applied until that date. This means that if the player who currently owns the game wants to get to level 50 easily, there is an incentive to play now, and even the developers seem to know it.

“If you have a character that isn’t level 50 and want to speed things up, take this time before the March 18 update,” read the announcement.This involves a lot of people in the decision to play the same mission in a lower version of the game or wait to play a technically enhanced version, but it’s much longer. What would have been an exciting new beginning for Marvel’s Avengers could be a restart of stuttering with a player base of tired veterans and confused newcomers.

I love Marvel’s Avengers. A year later, I would like to look back and see the success. However, to do so, you need to improve communication with your fans and take them seriously about the issues they are having in the game. Of all the complaints I’ve seen about Marvel’s Avengers, no one was able to level up your hero surprisingly quickly, but almost everything was about the lack of fun after you did it. ..

We need better communication with our fans, and genuine communication about the problems they have with the game.


Hopefully the “too big to fail” theory has been implemented and I’m enjoying the game for the next few years, but this week’s announcement helped me now ahead of the iceberg that may arrive on March 18th. I felt like no change.

Simon Cardy currently has Iron Man, Thor, and Black Widow with power levels of 150, but there’s no reason to use them. Sympathize with him on Twitter. @CardySimon..


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