Marvel’s Avengers didn’t sell as expected, says Square Enix

Earlier this month, Square Enix held a briefing session for investors.Tokyo-based game company this week Finally released Official record of the meeting.

Yosuke Matsuda, President of Square Enix, said in his presentation: Marvel Avengers It was lower than expected and could not be completely offset Amortization Of the game development cost. ”

How much was this loss? When I spoke to Mr. Matsuda, one of the participating investors estimated that the loss was 7 billion yen ($ 67 million), and Mr. Matsuda did not argue.The same participant has a subsegment of HD game Marvel Avengers Sold enough to cover those development costs, seemingly incredible It wasn’t just because the loss was so great that it wasn’t glossy the Avengers amount of sales.

“There are no relevant factors Marvel Avengers The subsegment would have been in the black, “Matsuda replied. “In addition to amortizing the game’s development costs, another key factor related to the title was a large advertising campaign at launch to compensate for the delay in marketing activity caused by covid-19. It was a fact. Pandemic. ”

According to Mr. Matsuda, “some development costs” remain, but Square Enix wants to increase sales and recover.The game is getting DLC next month, Game PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S Version Running late Next year to improve the game.

“Our intention is, first and foremost, to work to increase sales to improve profitability.”

Matsuda was also asked if there was a reason for these unexpected sales declines, or if something could be done, “I’ve prepared enough before launch, but I certainly want us. I would like to apply the lessons learned from this experience to future game development. “

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