Marvel’s Avengers features AIPing system following the latest updates

Marvel’s Avengers has received an update with a handy new ping system that makes it easier to guide your AI companion. Patch V1.3.6 is currently available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and will be released to Stadia at a later date. This update also adds a number of fixes to the game.

The new ping system currently only works with the AI ​​companion, but gives you more control over the actions of the AI ​​companion. Players can focus on switching pings with the cross key, setting AI fighters to specific enemies, and hacking or breaking doors while the player is processing something else. I will.

This system gives players more control over the situations in which they may be placed. Currently, there is no equivalent to a game co-operative, but developer Crystal Dynamics “will implement additional features in a future phase of ping. System.”

This is still a fairly minor update to the scheme of things, but players enthusiastic about new characters are looking forward to Kate Bishop in December.

In addition to this ping system, many other changes, additions, and fixes have been made. The complete list is below.

Marvel Avengers Patch V1.3.6 Note

Rebuild the campaign and the Avengers initiative

  • Fixed various black screen errors such as:
    • A rare issue where a black screen can occur when rejecting a mission when the timer reaches zero.
    • A rare issue where players on the strike team get a black screen when trying to start a mission when the progress level of the campaign is different.
    • A rare issue with a black screen when trying a Boss Rare mission that another Strike team member does not have.
  • Fixed an issue where players could be knocked out of the world in “Alternative Vision” missions while fighting the Taskmaster.
  • Fixed a rare issue where infinite load times would occur when switching heroes with the Hero Switcher or WARTABLE.
  • Fixed a rare issue where when loading into SHIELD Substation Outpost after unlocking in a campaign, mission chains such as “Reigning Supreme” and “Shield Substation Zero” would remain locked and the Avengers Initiative would stop progressing.
  • Rebalanced enemies in the “Olympia Archive” campaign mission.

Art & animation

  • Fixed a rare issue where a black square would appear on Thor’s face when hovering over a major artifact.
  • Fixed an issue where Hulk animations could get stuck when starting Stranglehold from the air.

Multiplayer & matchmaking

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the strike team to get stuck in a loaded state if another player joined while the host was moving to an outpost.
  • Fixed an issue where “Quick Match as Any Hero” could result in multiple hulks for a single strike team.


  • Fixed an issue where Iron Man magno missiles consumed more intrinsic energy than intended and fired two rockets instead of three.

Gear, challenges, and rewards

  • Fixed an issue where the vendor timer could reach 00:00 without updating.
  • Fixed an issue where gear might not be sent to the locker when the player’s inventory was full.

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