Marvel’s Avengers slows leveling with Hawkeye DLC on March 18th

Marvel’s Avengers seemed to shrug the gentlest to the players, but there’s still a new DLC in the middle of the operation: Hawkeye-Future Imperfections. Before arriving on March 18, the developers detailed some of the changes that will be made to the base game. Simply put, leveling takes time.

As explained in the game site post, the current XP curve is “not really a curve”, it’s a straight line. “This can lead to pace issues such as current skill point rewards being too fast, which can be confusing and overwhelming for new players. Each decision to invest in a skill or heroic is more meaningful. I want to make it. ”

Therefore, they are increasing the amount of XP needed to level up after “around level 25”. As you move toward the level 50 cap, your requirements will continue to grow. This change does not affect characters that have already been leveled. Only affects new characters that are trying to level after the March 18 update.

The same update will make cosmetic changes and introduce more player choices to collect the items you need. Again, players will not lose what they have already earned, but cosmetic items that were previously unlocked with random drops will now be available for purchase in in-game currency from cosmetic vendors.

Was the secret to making the game more enjoyable to slow down? The game requires friction to guide the player to interesting decisions, but I don’t know how this will change the feel of the game. To be honest, I don’t know if I’m crazy about the idea of ​​having to level up a superhero. It seems to go against their concept itself.

The Future Imperfect will add Clint “Hawkeye” Burton as a playable character to Marvel’s Avengers after being first introduced as an ally along with the playable Kate Bishop in the last update. It will be released on March 18th.

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