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Crystal Dynamics’ video game spins at Marvel’s Avengers may not have done what publisher Square Enix wanted, did Joining the ride, starting December 8th, a new hero, Kate Bishop, will arrive with a new video and full public treatment, with lots of free content to look forward to in the coming months.

Kate Bishop, Other Hawkeye will be joining Marvel’s Avengers as part of the first season of post-launch content. It continues the story of the base game in a new chapter called Operations, each forming part of an “evolving and evolving interconnected story” as new content is added, each new playable. May add heroes, villains, biomes and more.

The first addition to these stories, Operation: Taking AIM, sees Kate Bishop (Ashley Bishop’s voiced “world-class archer and skilled swordsman”) looking for Mentor Hawkeye (Clint Barton version) Look, and ultimately Nick Fury, time travel, and a plot involving a new enemy known as Super Adaptoid.

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Marvel’s Avengers Wartable Deep Dive: Kate Bishop.

First introduced in Tales of Suspense # 84, the Super Adaptoid was programmed to copy the Avengers’ abilities and defeat Captain America. Using this original story as an inspiration, Crystal Dynamics video game incarnations have access to the power of all the Avengers and also emerge as a variant of the Omega threat encountered in the multiplayer-only version of the boss battle.

Crystal Dynamics has its own rewards for Operation: Taking AIM, giving players the opportunity to get even better rewards for the more challenging late-game version of Kate’s last mission (which unlocks when the campaign is complete). It states that it will provide.

As for Kate herself, she shares some things with the mentor Clint, but she’s equipped with her own heroic and finisher, a quick and agile sword attack and a unique quantum power special. Blending abilities. For example, the Quantum Shift is used to teleport from an enemy attack and attack from behind to parry, but Kate’s blinking ability allows her to use short-range teleport to double-jump, air dash, and ledge. Can be crossed.

Kate Bishop’s Strategy: Acquisition of AIM arrives in December.

Not surprisingly, she also has Rapid Fire’s Three Shot Razor Arrow, Scatter Shot Arrow (used to fire multiple arrows at once), and Explosive to stagger enemies and break through defenses. Equipped with various unlockable and upgradeable bow skills such as arrows. Smoke screen arrow. Causes high stun damage to everything in the smoke cloud.

Elsewhere, there is a decoy support heroic that creates a hologram replica of Kate and distracts the enemy with a quantum energy arrow. Afterimages exchange places for decoys and explode remotely, causing significant quantum damage in the process. Warp Arrow, on the other hand, is an assault heroic that teleports players over long distances while triggering a large quantum explosion that lifts enemies into the air, and a wormhole upgrade allows allies to teleport the battlefield to Kate. A portal is created that you can use to reach.

The end is Kate’s unique range of cosmetics, including Quantum Overdrive Ultimate Heroic, which provides unlimited energy to fire bows with “explosive consequences,” and emotes, costumes, takedowns, and nameplates. Gameplay, others are purchased for real money.

All of Kate’s abilities will be aired in a 9-minute detailed video of Crystal Dynamics above. You’ll also get a glimpse of the imperfections of the future: Operation Hawkeye, which focuses on cross-play bullying and Clint Barton’s next support for the Avengers story content. , Scheduled for early next year. The next-generation version of Marvel’s Avengers, previously announced, should arrive in the same time frame and will be upgraded to current owners for free on both platforms.


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