Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy’s Most Impactful Choices

Players have to make difficult choices in Marvel’s Galaxy Guardians It affects the direction of the playthrough and the overall outcome of the story. The overall game choices range from important decisions such as chasing Gamora to Laker to minor choices such as discussing with teammates. Some decisions don’t affect the game very much, but important decisions may seem insignificant at first.

[Warning: Major spoilers for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy are below.]

During play, some decisions can affect the player’s relationship with teammates and can change the dialogue between teammates.Specific choices Guardian Gameplay will change in the short term, but each pass will lead to the same result. For example, if you choose to sell either a rocket or Groot to Lady Hellbender, the central part of Chapter 4 will change to a variety of collectibles and outfits. However, no matter which player you choose, you have a chance to win 12,000 units, defeat GotG Dark Resident At the end of the chapter.

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Decisions such as who to sell and whether Drax should throw a rocket at Seknerf Nine have no long-term, lasting impact. Marvel’s Galaxy Guardians.. These minor choices can affect some dialogue and jokes and change some of the missions, but none of them change the game.Chapters can also be played for those who want to see all the results of GotG A story that doesn’t have to beat everything over and over again. Influential decisions are decisions that continuously influence the story or cause major divisions as Starlord’s path progresses.

An important choice for Marvel Galaxy Guardians: Hide Rama or Stash

Marvel's Gott Purple Space Lama

At the beginning of Chapter 2, the player is captured by Nova Corps and confronts Correll. Marvel’s Galaxy Guardians‘NS Star Road You can try to talk about how to get out of trouble, but the player must ultimately decide whether to hide the llamas found in the quarantine zone or the illegal parts of the rocket and the hiding places for weapons. Both decisions have several different implications throughout the game, starting with the amount that the player will be fined for breaking the law. If the player hides the hiding place, they will enter the quarantine zone, and if they carry a llama, they will be charged 8,000 units. Hiding the llama will result in a fine of 7,000 units.

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Hiding Llama reduces player costs and saves time. hit Marvel’s Galaxy Guardians..If the player chooses to hide the llama Marvel’s Galaxy GuardiansAfter that, Starlord will be able to escape from the room immediately after Drax locks him at the beginning of Chapter 10. Creatures pierce the wall and players can pass behind the poster. If the hiding place is hidden instead, the player must use the room’s touchpad to steer the llama. The parts hidden in the stash are also used to strengthen the guardian’s ship later in the game, but progress is less important.

An important choice for Marvel’s Galaxy Guardians: Correll or Nikki’s Side

GotG Defending Nikki

Siding with either Ko-Rel or Nikki does not necessarily change the whole game, but if the player is on the side of Ko-Rel, you will miss the locked area of ​​Chapter 7. During star loading Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Talk. She gives him an access card. This will be available later in the game. Chapter 7 has a lot of easy-to-miss collectibles that players can’t get without being on Nikki’s side in Chapter 2, but there’s no real benefit to being on Correll’s side.

An important choice for Marvel’s Galaxy Guardian: Stop Gamora or let go of her after Laker

GotG Gamora chasing a laker

In Chapter 8, players will be able to support or stop Gamora when they want to chase the Laker. The decision initially seems to be in the hands of the player, as Gamora states that she chases him and does not chase her before escaping. However, the player has the option to chase her and the game will change later. However, letting go of Gamora is a better decision in the long run, as it will benefit the player in later boss battles.

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Chapter 15 Marvel’s Galaxy Guardians, Players face lakersWho would be weakened if Gamora was allowed to chase him. If you select this option, Gamora will no longer join the group for the rest of Chapter 8 and will make combat encounters a little more difficult. However, the benefits to Laker are worth supporting her. For those who want to stop her, Starlord needs to chase her. He will fall and grab the ledge, and Gamora will stop chasing Laker and save him. Laker escapes, Gamora rages at Starlord, and Laker is not weakened in the boss battle of Chapter 15.

An Important Choice for Marvel’s Galaxy Guardians: Persuading the World Mind or Not

GotG Convincing Worldmind Helps

In Chapter 9, players have the opportunity to question Worldmind through dialogue choices. Help players in the battles of Chapter 14 by persuading and supporting the World Mind. World Mind Marvel’s Galaxy Guardians Not convinced, players will not be able to get help later, and the battle will be more difficult. The player is responsible for the enemies that World Mind would have eliminated. This interaction and dialogue choice does not change the game, but its impact on later combat is important. To convince the World Mind, the player must select the following dialog options:

  • Share intel
  • Appeal to duty
  • Make a prospect

An Important Choice for Marvel’s Galaxy Guardians: Persuading Cosmo or Not

GotG reaches out to Cosmo

As with World Mind choices, Cosmo decisions influence the battles in Chapter 14. Players seeking an advantage during the battle need to help release Cosmo’s promises. He has a unique weapon in later battles and causes great damage to many enemies. Not being able to convince Cosmo means he won’t take part in the fight, and there’s an additional fantasy sequence to play through making the game longer.Persuasive Cosmoin Marvel’s Galaxy Guardians This can be achieved by selecting:

  • Reach out to Cosmo
  • Focus on the present
  • Reminds me of a puppy

Mostly Marvel Galaxy Guardian There is a time limit for making important story decisions, so you need to make a quick choice. Making these split decisions can have serious consequences later in the game, such as the difficulty of boss battles and the number of units that will fine the player. Each of the most influential choices guides the direction of the game across multiple chapters or causes the greatest change in the story.

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Marvel’s Galaxy Guardians It can be used on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S.

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