Marvel’s King in Black Crossover Team Avengers and X-Men and Venom

Marvel Comics World Citizen, Fearful Cower — From namedrops to hints and teasing to very heavy hints, Knull has arrived after years. Star Wars Episode 1 I wonder if things should be pulled back a little.First issue of this week Black king The culmination of all the creators Donnie Kates and Ryan Stegman have worked together on both sides. Venom And Absolute genocide In the last few years — but can the latest big event books literally endure years of hype?

Who makes the King in black?

Black king Is the latest collaboration between Kates and Stegman, who first collaborated with the current launch. Venom Their work on the book set everything needed for last year’s series Absolute genocide,their Just a while ago Together the event book technically ended with an exciting event in this series: The Awakening of Knul, the dark god who created the alien race of Symbiote to which Venom belongs. Also returning from these two projects are Inker’s JP Meyer, Colorlist Frank Martin, and the ubiquitous Clayton Cowles.

What is King in Black?

The basic idea behind Black king It’s very simple. The man who made all the symbiotes like Venom came to Earth and he brought an army of symbiote dragons to cause trouble. (If you go into the details, things get more complicated, but you get there soon.)

This is a familiar formula — the formula Marvel used last year War of the realm In fact, using “Dark Elf Marekis” instead of “Dark Symbiote God Knull” will trigger an event, but it usually works pretty well. Who doesn’t want to see all their favorite characters unite against seemingly unstoppable enemies?

Why is King in Black happening now?

Image: Donnie Kates, Ryan Stegman / Marvel Comics

The ironic answer to that question is “because Marvel needs a quarterly crossover event and the last event ended two months ago,” but it’s not just ironic here.for Venom Dear fans, this event has been created for years and is probably lagging behind. From the perspective of the wider Marvel Universe, it arrives when the hero is well distracted by his own plot lines and the invasion proves to be properly devastating.

Is there a must read?

This is the first issue of a line-wide crossover event that spins out of a storyline three years ago from an ongoing series featuring characters that have existed for thirty years.There is Lots In particular, we will move forward with some tie-ups listed in the editorial at the end of the issue.

Even though Kates and Stegman tried to recappe through Eddie Brock’s brief narration, the stakes can only be fully understood by checking the current narration. Venom Series, and previous related crossover books, Absolute genocide..Kates also sneaks into him an important inside story of the villain Silver Surfer: Black A few years ago mini, which also raises the level of reading required. This is a sign of the complex and interrelated nature of the stories he has built over the last three years, or evidence that he is a writer who wants to keep his back catalog in circulation for as long as possible.

Perhaps the most unexpected continuity of the issue is the appearance of Sentry, a character that is rarely considered these days, in a scene directly linked to in 2004. New Avengers # 2 And I feel that Kates’s inner fanboy has finally achieved peace 16 years later.

Sentry, in New Avengers # 2, Marvel Comics (2004), tears Carnage in half while floating in orbit around the Earth.

Carnage and Sentry New Avengers # 2. Wow.
Image: Brian Michael Bendis, David Finch / Marvel Comics

There is also an unexplained reference to Marvel’s last big event, Empire, But you can ignore them and make the story work. Suppose the Avengers are always putting a non-functional space fleet in orbit around the planet.

Do you like King in Black?

In many ways Black king # 1 is not a good manga, or at least a poorly written manga. Especially when it comes to narration from Eddie Brock, who is responsible for most of the problem, Kates provides such a bad explanation that he relies on telling rather than showing it.There are countless examples of characters To tell Readers say things are wrong, rather than showing why. Trying to do that doesn’t work, and the question seems to be based on a childish logic of “who is really difficult”. Good, mine Man can beat Those up! Yup! “

In fact, Knull’s weakness as a threat undermines the entire book. Evidence of this problem shows that he is a completely general and undefined ability (I think he can … fly, be strong, and control the Goo Dragon …?) Has no real personality. Not only is this boring, but also when the whole premise is based on the idea that he is a very powerful and unavoidable force and attempts to resist him are futile. It will be a problem.

Still … Black king Do exactly what you want to do in the first issue of the event book. Introduce the threat, initially portray the plight of the protagonist as a waste, feature the character cameo, and spin out to a unique title that each can be used separately.Sure, it’s clumsy, but no more clumsy Absolute genocide Both last year, or even the average Marvel Cinematic Universe project, have a lot of fans, so there’s probably something to say about the simple and direct approach.

One of the undeniable things is that this book looks good.Stegman’s work mixes US and Japanese influences to create an hyperkinetic blend of over-rendered, muscular cartoon characters with too many teeth to recognize a human-like character. It’s like feelings My hero academia Taking over the Marvel Universe, it’s all adorned with amazingly effective delicacy by Marvel. It has a beautiful, beautiful and melodramatic look, which greatly enhances the material.

One panel that pops out

In a flock of symbiote dragons staring at the Avengers and X-Men in disappointment, a Celestial trio of giant symbiotes comes down to New York City. King in Black # 1, Marvel Comics (2020).

Image: Donnie Kates, Ryan Stegman / Marvel Comics

Remember that Celestial was a big deal, not only lived to prove how big your latest villain was, used as a cannon feed, but also died and had shells. Is there a person?

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