Marvel’s MODOK was canceled on Hulu one season later

Hulu’s MODOK experiment is over.according to deadline, Marvel MODOK, Hulu Anime Series Officially canceled based on the comic book Supervillain.The end of the Patton Oswalt-led show is the latest Marvel adaptation that doesn’t work on Hulu. Helstrom Previously canceled during planning Howard the Duck When Tigra & Dazzler The show was handed over by the streamer. The reaction of critics and fans was mostly positive, so Marvel MODOK It was canceled because the number of viewers was small.

Oswalt worked with Jordan Blum on Hulu’s anime series, and the two were the first and only showrunners of the season. Oswald also spoke out voice actors and renowned supervillains, including Aimee Garcia, Ben Schwartz, Melissa Fumero, Wendi McLendon Coby, Beck Bennett, John Daily and Sam Richardson. The show’s stop-motion animation was provided by StoopidBuddyStoodios.

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MODOK aims to be the world’s largest supervillain, but the road to getting there is not easy. The series features Supervillains who have failed to dominate the world over the years, thanks to the constant failure of his plans by various Marvel superheroes. He was sold to the evil company GRUMBL in the midlife crisis, balancing his “professional” life with his family life at home.

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MODOK wasn’t going to be in Hulu

Ironically, while many other well-known superheroes and supervillains are still getting a lot of attention, there may not be enough audience for someone like MODOK in today’s world. .. For the viewer, Patton Oswalt did a great job of bringing the character to life. Perhaps he knew how to treat a character as a fan of source material.Actors and comedians previously revealed EmpireWhat happened to the series?

“Jordan and I piloted together for another superhero idea, Fox who didn’t go, and because he’s a very nice writer and a very deep cartoon fan, we’re friends. I’m done, “said Oswald. “And Marvel wanted to hear the pitch from us, because they’re doing all these anime shows and we know what we had to do. .. MODOK, He was our man, so we both loved him very much. It’s one of the things we’ve tied together. So we pitched it, and they loved pitching, so we just ran with it. “

“When you really really love something, you won’t be able to see the flaws and you’ll want to explore them … and especially in MODOK, he’s this excellent 8th dimension,” Oswald added. If he has the intelligence of, he’s the lowest supervillain of the D level, but what does it do emotionally to him? It’s the real thing to explore. We’re exploring it comically. But I think it comes from a very realistic emotional foundation that everyone can see, so such a real-world frustration we wanted to enter is to do it. I had a lot of fun. “

You can see the first and only season of Marvel MODOK Streaming so Hulu..

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Marvel’s MODOK was canceled on Hulu one season later

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