Marvel’s WandaVision has adopted an office mockumentary style, says Kevin Feige.

MCU boss Kevin Feige has confirmed that WandaVision pays homage to modern comedies such as offices and the Modern Family. In an interview with Empire, Feige talked about the various shows that influenced Marvel’s WandaVision. He talks about the different styles adopted throughout the six-episode series, and in some episodes more modern, while respecting some classic comedies of the 50’s, 60’s, and 60’s. He revealed that he would take up a mockumentary technique similar to that found in traditional comedies. 70’s.

“I love TV and Dick Van Dyke Show and I Love Lucy and his wife overlooked everything, including the witch,” Fage explained, before moving on to the contemporary style that exists in the series. I touched on some of the influences of WandaVision’s classic television. “We go to the modern family and office style. It’s an unstable camera, documentary style that talks to the camera.”

WandaVision reunites Elizabeth Olsen’s vision of Wanda Maximoff and Paul Bettany in a trippy dreamy landscape. Era and classic 80’s / “TGIF” 90’s. To recreate these classic sitcoms, Olsen and Bethany performed several scenes in front of a live studio audience.

Olsen previously said that Fage was able to take her over to the concept of the show by referring to the Disney + series and discussing the story of a particular Scarlet Witch comic book, but she said which particular story Did not share what appears on the screen. However, Fage told Empire that WandaVision would dig deeper into the character’s “unclear and unexplored” power.

“Looking at Infinity Saga, I don’t think anyone has experienced as much pain or trauma as Wanda Maximoff. No character seems to be as powerful as Wanda Maximoff, and no character has a powerset. It’s not as clearly defined as Wanda Maximoff and is unexplored. ” “So it seemed like I was looking for something worthwhile after the endgame. Who else knows its power? Where did it come from? Did Mindstone unleash it?”

Marvel’s WandaVision: The Impact of All TV Comedies

Based on this information and all the footage shown in the previous trailer, we have already concluded that the show will serve as the House of M storyline for the MCU. Therefore, it’s a good idea to read the explanation of what that means before WandaVision’s new Disney +. Premier day. It is currently set for January 15, 2021.

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