Marvel’s X-Men Event X of Swords Transformed Mutant Dam forever

X of Swords The 22-part epic story told in all Marvel X-Men books (pronounced “Ten of Swords”) ended this week. Araco, an ancient mutant country of another dimension, was attacked by a horde of monsters of another dimension and emerged as a threat to the lives of Cracoa and the entire planet. The benevolent wizard who controls the ties between dimensions forced Arako and Cracoa into the championship tournament. And the X-Men won.

But did Omniversal Magestrix Opal Luna Saturnyne get everything she wanted? What did the X-Men sacrifice for their victory? And what’s next? Let’s do all the ways X of Swords has changed the mutant paradigm.

X of Swords was a comic book prestige TV

First, a note about the format: Most Marvel or DC crossover events consist of one main comic (an arc of the ongoing series, or a miniseries that shares a name with the event), and usually many tie-in issues. It has been quite difficult to track. This is intended to make the event feel like it has wiped out other characters in the setting. Hopefully it raises stakes and ideally makes fans interested in getting a book for the main event, but it’s not obligatory.

X of Swords We did something we don’t see very often. It consisted of 22 issues, 19 of which were existing X-Men book issues created by the book’s creative team. And it all felt like a single continuous story. The narration box does not have to jump over the fourth wall to tell you that you should read this tie-in issue only if you have already read it. Spiderman # 42069 or what do you have?

Since this is essentially a model of the TV writer’s room, it’s clear that this includes a lot of tweaking on the part of the stable X-Men creator. This is the creation of a kind of superhero comic that has produced some of my most memorable event comics. Bruce Wayne: Murderer? /fugitive And 52..

The method has some drawbacks X of Swords It was executed.Reader had to buy Lots More books in the last two months to catch up with the story.Fortunately, they always left an enthusiastic cartoon on the next panel, a few issues. X of Swords I hit the stand every week and there was no downtime to get tired of the procedure.

But if the creative team hasn’t done much to refine art, stakes, positive storytelling of characters, and ensuring. X of Swords It felt like a story rather than a clumsy game of exquisite corpse, but this could have been very different. This format can be more difficult to implement than the structure of a regular event comic and can require more burden on the part of writers, artists and editors, but it certainly makes it a very enjoyable comic. I did.

Mutant’s hometown is bigger

Image: Jonathan Hickman, Leinil Francis You / Marvel Comics

Everyone knows that Krakoa belongs to all mutants, but the size of living mutant islands is likely to double.At the resolution of X of Swords Two perceptual powers across the island called Okkala, destroyed thousands of years ago when the Apocalypse and his family trapped Araco and its mutant inhabitants in another dimension to save the Earth from destruction. There will be a reunification of half of Cracoa and Araco.

And there are “millions” of mutant prisoners in Araco, who will now live on Earth. How will it be? There is no way to know.

For a while, the apocalypse will never be seen again

Image: Jonathan Hickman, Chini Howard, Pepe Larraz / Marvel Comics

Araco returns to Earth as a goodwill exchange from one mutant to one. And that one mutant is the apocalypse that volunteered to stay in the Other World with his ancient long-lost family. That is, his wife, Genesis, the ruler of the Arakii mutant, and their four children, the first jockey of the immortal mutant, war, death, plague, and famine.

Among the oldest and scariest enemies of the X-Men, this is probably not the last we see about the Apocalypse. But he will be the last thing we see for a while to be the driving force behind Krakoan’s politics. The Eldritch is uniquely dangerous to mutants as it is difficult to reach from Earth and its magic and sinister nature disrupt their resurrection process. When mutants die in another world, they die in real life.

Captain Britain Corporation is back, but not

At Excalibur # 15 in Marvel Comics (2020), a member of Captain Britain Corporation, including human captains of all races and genders, purple monkey captains, frog captains, and bird captains.

Image: Tini Howard, Mahmud Asrar, Stefano Caselli / Marvel Comics

Why is everything in the other world so complicated?Now, part of the problem is that all Marvel’s real-life connections have dedicated their lives to the protection of the Multiverse before reaching the legend of the current X-Men architect-Jonathan-Hickman. Is losing the army of parents Secret Wars..

Who are those legendary guardians? OK, well, in the Marvel Universe, Britain’s eternal guardian is the one wearing the Union Jack passing by Captain Britain. And Captain Britain Corporation is a reserve army of all Captain Britain from all universes of Marvel Multiverse.

Corp was revived by Radiopearl Luna Satanin, the ruler of the Eldritch Wizard and the guardian of Starlight Citadel, the roadside station between all of the infinite world of the Multiverse. But that didn’t go as she wanted. Saturnyne is particularly angry that the current captain Britain of the main Marvel Universe is not her beloved Brian Bradock, but his twin sister Betsy, a mutant formerly known as Psylocke.

So she coordinated the tournament between Cracoa and Araco, killing Betsy, and forcing Brian to take over Captain Britain’s cloak and become her loyal servant and spouse again. But that didn’t work. Brian refused to be upset, her love spell revived Captain Britain Corporation in Betsy Bradock — and the military was made in all versions of Betsy Bradock / Captain Britain in the Multiverse. One of them is the swan. Because it’s a multiverse!

Curiously, Betsy has no place to find in them.

Will the X-Men live again?

Image: Jonathan Hickman, Mahmood Aßlar / Marvel Comics

One of the weird quirks of Mutant Life’s new Dawn of X paradigm is that mutants have their own nations, their own laws, their own space programs, their own Tiki bars, their own covert operations teams, and their own private detectives. .. And their own immortality — they no longer have an X-Men team.

X-Men # 15, penultimate problem X of SwordsShows that the X-Men as a concept is seen on the data page as a threat to the power of the Krakoa government.

Image: Jonathan Hickman, Tom Mueller / Marvel Comics

This information was juxtaposed against the quiet council’s will to endanger “everything we built for the lives of some” by Cyclops and Jean. Professor X and Magneto seem to be proud that their children are living towards their ideals, demonstrating the impending formal return of the X-Men as a team. is. But what about how they fit into the delicate balance of power of Cracoa / Araco? That is everyone’s guess.

anything else?

Well, Cyclops and Jean rallyed the X-Men’s army, teleported the space station to the magical realm of Otherland, and opened the door to release that army.It was Dope like hell..

Doug Ramsey / Cipher / Warlock is married to a giant Arakii woman called the Blood Moon Bay, and his mutant power is that he can understand all languages, but to understand her can not.

Since the start of the tournament, the only mutant to perish in Otherland is the Gorgon. Gorgon probably hasn’t heard of it. However, he seems to have gone out powerfully and made a strange amalgam resurrection.

So maybe someday you’ve heard It Gorgon.

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