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Last season, when healthy, Marvin Bagley III was essentially given a starting point in a power-forward position. Sacramento Kings.. Whether he was hoping that Bagley would finally stay healthy and break out, or lacked depth of position, Bagley started 42 of the 43 healthy games last season.

Unfortunately, Bagley didn’t take that step and was injured in the lineup for three consecutive seasons to start his career. In his career, Bagley has played only 118 of the 226 possible games.

But for the Kingsteam, who are finally ending the 15-year playoff drought this year, someone with a history of Bagley’s mistakes and injuries can no longer be nailed or even relied on in a big way. ..

Vlade Divac, The worst draft blunder in NBA historyChoosing Bagley over Luka Doncic is no longer adopted by the organization. Therefore, Bagley development should not be a major focus for Kings this season. Spending such a long time on a player with Bagley’s shortcomings won’t lead to a win, except for a major improvement by Bagley.

One of the potential hurdles to replacing Bagley with starting lineups is that Kings doesn’t have a lot of options in his position elsewhere in the roster. Two realistic options to replace Bagley are to rely heavily on the 3-guard lineup to swing Harrison Barnes up and play a power forward or infiltrate one of Moe Harkless’s guards.

Both of these lineup configurations are flawed, but it’s a better plan than running Bagley again at four spots and expecting different results.

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Bagley has been one of the worst defensive big players in the league for three years, if not the worst defensive player in the league as a whole.

Bagley is constantly lost in defense at the same time, but is pushed around tons, which is a bad combination for big guys, by guys he shouldn’t. When Bagley is switched to surrounding guards, he often looks like a headlight deer playing a twister.

Bagley and his terrible 117.3 defense rating are one of the main reasons Kings remains so bad at defense.

Unfortunately, Bagley looks clunky when playing with the Kings starting unit. Bagley in his mind wants to ride the block, but Richaun Holmes usually occupies that place, so Bagley is often forced to find in the corner.

Too often, Bagley’s isolation ends with a turnover or a bad shot, coupled with the fact that he shot a rotten 57.5% from last season’s free throw line. Bagley is also struggling with some of the more traditional big-name roles, such as screen settings and rim protection. Bagley has made some progress as a shooter, but it’s still not enough to really justify him staying on the court.

Looking at his overall statistics, Bagley is about the same player as a rookie, except for three-point improvements. It’s no exaggeration to say that when he was healthy, Bagley didn’t perform like the NBA starter, even at his best moments.

You play with him Out-of-court antique It’s no exaggeration to say that the pairing of Bagley and Kings is not long-term because of his father.

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That said, Bagley is only 22 years old and still capable. The injury is clearly a factor in Bagley’s dysgenesis, but even when he was on the floor, he looked like the same man.

But at some point, Bagley realizes he’s not going to be an NBA star and has to start some little things in court.

For Kings and Bagley, the best-case scenario of the season is that he’s coming out with a different mindset and finally doing the little things that make the team successful. But what he did in the first three years of the NBA doesn’t show that it will happen.

If Bagley comes out like another guy this season, be sure to start him and give him a major role. But for the Kingsteam trying to get over the hump, letting the same old Bagley play Major Minutes is no longer going to cut it.

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Marvin Bagley III finally needs to win minutes with Kings Marvin Bagley III finally needs to win minutes with Kings

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