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Marvin Vettori expects to beat Paulo Costa, but not any kind of victory. Middleweight candidates are looking for a knockout and want to win a knockout at UFC Vegas 41 on Saturday night.

Vettori follows him back to the Octagon Defeat to Israel Adesanya At the middleweight championship held at UFC 263 in June this year, I would like to return to the battle starting with Costa. The battle between divisions 2 and 5 is not without risk. It is very clear that both men want another opportunity to meet Adesanya in the near future. As for who is likely to win the battle again, Vettori says he is because he is an overall good fighter.

“He excels in some impressive areas,” Vettori said. MMA Junky John Morgan.. “He definitely has a pop on his punch [and] He can definitely crack. But I generally feel that I am a good MMA fighter. As a striker, I’m good too. “

There may be differences in combat style, but there are areas where Vettori and Costa share some similarities. They are well known for their pre-combat trash stories and antiques. However, they became unusually quiet as the week of this battle began.Although both men took shots of each other verbally and in writing interview When Social media posts, Hasn’t been said much since the battle was booked.

Vettori explained that he doesn’t have to be too angry with Costa because he shares the Octagon anyway. Therefore, he focused strictly on preparing for the battle.

“We feel pretty quiet because of the stack of battles,” Vettori said. “We’ll see it in the fight week now (if it changes). I don’t necessarily like that guy. He’s not the guy I think I’ll get along with as a friend. He’s a lot of things here and there. But personally, I didn’t know him and he didn’t do much personal to me. That said, to defeat the unconscious. I don’t need anything personal, especially if he’s in front of me in a cage, I don’t need anything personal.

“I do that, as if they all have some of what I want, because anyone who goes in there is trying to stop getting what I want. You don’t have to be angry to ruin someone’s face. “

Vettori then previewed his next fight and said he could see himself stop early.

“I’m going to give the fans what they want,” Vettori said. “I want to knock this guy out loud and clear. My mind is ready, my body is ready, my spirit is ready, and I’m just ready to go I am.

“I’ve put a lot of effort into the punching technique and it really hurt me, so I caught him quickly and cleanly, and I don’t think he might go out early if he’s too relentless,” Vettori continued. “If not, cook slowly until completely roasted, remove and then eat.”

UFC Vegas 41 will take place on Saturday, October 23, at UFCAPEX in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Marvin Vettori wants to provide “what fans want” with Paulo Costa’s “loud and clear” KO Marvin Vettori wants to provide “what fans want” with Paulo Costa’s “loud and clear” KO

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