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Las Vegas – Mary AgapovaThe big upset loss to Shana Dobson shocked the MMA community, but not her.

The UFC flyweight was in a difficult situation to enter the fight against Dobson, who was strongly favored to win in August 2020. Agapova won three straight games and Dobson was a three-round skid. Nevertheless, Agapova was stopped in the second round, One of the biggest turmoil in UFC history..

Agapois knew that from personal life issues to career issues, you shouldn’t play Dobson in the ESPN15 UFC.

Agapova told reporters on Wednesday at UFC Fight Night 194 Media Day. “I should have rested, I should have fixed my life before returning to the new fight. But I think the fight was too fast and I tried to jump as high as possible, but I failed. “

Agapois fought two months before the fight against Dobson and won his UFC debut against Hannah Schiffers. The 24-year-old feels she didn’t have the right time to camp and wasn’t ready to recover from her UFC debut weight loss and advance her fighting career in her personal life.

“I’m from Kazakhstan and the financial situation is bad and I had a hard time before signing the UFC,” said Agapova. “I was really struggling. I didn’t have a car, so I was biking for 5 or 6 hours a day. After the UFC fight (with Dobson), I bought my own car. Now you don’t have to ride a bike everywhere.

“Now it’s very comfortable. Well, this camp feels much better. With this money I made the camp comfortable and the conditioning was also comfortable. I have money now so I’ll do everything best I tried. Before the fight with Shana Dobson, I didn’t take a break and didn’t fix my life. I didn’t have a car for myself. I just kept going, and I My body was already exhausted from past cuts, past battles, and past camps. I didn’t have time to recover. “

Agapova is back 14 months later to face Colombia’s Sabina Maso at the UFC Fight Night 194 in Las Vegas this Saturday. This time the last match was a big lesson for her, so she made the right preparations.

“In Invicta FC and other promotions I was able to do that-fight every month, it’s okay,” Agapois said. “But in the UFC, everyone is so good that you can’t do that. You can’t fight that fast, you have to recover and be in the best shape you can. Take the time. Sometimes it’s better to take a break, get things done, and come back stronger. “

Watch the full interview with Agapova in the video above.

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Mary Agapois details the struggle before being defeated by Shana Dobson Mary Agapois details the struggle before being defeated by Shana Dobson

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