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Maryland Health Department responds to ransomware attack

A cyberattack affecting the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) has been identified as a ransomware attack, confirmed this week by the Department of Health and Information Technology.

An attack initially called a “network security incident”. Detected On December 4, 2021, the MDH website went offline and removed resources such as pages that people could access to apply for Medicaid and learn more about the safety of their local nursing home. The incident also confused the reporting of state COVID-19 data.

The Maryland CISO Chip Stewart issued a statement on January 12, stating that the investigation is still underway, but authorities can confirm that it was a ransomware attack. MDH was able to isolate and contain the system within hours of its initial detection, he said. At the time of publication, he said, authorities had not identified evidence of unauthorized access or acquisition of state government data.

As part of the containment process, MDH isolated websites on the network from each other, from outside parties, the Internet, and networks in other states, Stewart said. With this approach, some services are no longer available and some are still offline.

“What I want to keep in mind is that this was our decision, intentional, and careful and responsible to do so to isolate and mitigate the threat,” he said in a statement. I am. In many cases, after a security incident, there may be pressure to quickly reconfigure the service, Stewart added. “We are recovering with prudent action to minimize the possibility of reinfection,” he said.

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Maryland Health Department responds to ransomware attack Maryland Health Department responds to ransomware attack

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