Mash up the Bridge Constructor and AMC The Walking Dead

Quick Intro: I’m Matthias. The creative leader behind the brand new. Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead The latest release of the game, the famous Bridge Constructor series. You may have noticed that the previous title was a little more crazy. Bridge constructor portal (Available on Xbox Game Pass) This was based on Valve’s darling Portal.. This time we are one step further.

With its roots, Bridge Constructor has always been a premium casual puzzle brand, focusing on the challenge of building bridges with the choice of materials at hand and testing them under different weight loads. If you build well, your car, truck or train will cross it. However, on the way to that moment of success, everything collapses over and over again. Seeing everything fall is actually a big part of the fun, and perhaps one of the main reasons why this genre is so loved by gamers and content creators. ..

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

In 2012, we Bridge constructor A traditional approach to this genre.Now, with each next sequel, we tried to give it a new dimension: there was a sandbox BC playground There are badges for various challenges, followed by Medieval BC Placed in the Middle Ages, it offers a new mission mode and even an action-focused one BC stunts, In places where you can control the vehicle directly trial game.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

Our question has always been where to take the brand next and how to explore it across boundaries.We already have the concept of “bridge” BC stunts, Players mainly built jump ramps and loops to get the vehicle to perform brave stunts.We liked that dynamic aspect, so Headup’s Dieter dared to ask: Physically based gameplay Bridge constructor Using the formula “entrance speed is equal to exit speed” Portal game? bingo! Bridge constructor portal In most cases, the results were quite unexpected, but very successful. Now, the next idea is: What happens when you create a game in the tradition of? Lemmings And Crazy Machines But do you use zombies instead of small rodents? The members of Headup are big fans of the Walking Dead brand, and the idea was voluntarily proposed to AMC. And the funny thing is that we were able to jointly secure a deal.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

This takes us directly to the subject of the brain: the main challenge in development is to strike a balance between complex and resource-intensive physical systems and the number of units that can be simulated at the level. of Lemmings“The big attraction was the huge amount of small sprites on the screen, but before the implementation of ragdolls and real-time physics. This poses considerable challenges to game design. Zombies are deadly. We decided to reduce the number of pedestrians a bit in support of providing a wider variety of puzzles, including the use of mobile environment objects to devise traps. Still, the command element from Lemmings I implemented it because it still looked sexy to use, but in the opposite way: in our game, command the protagonist while enjoying the “Lemmings Schadenfreude effect” internally called by pedestrians. Can be given.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

It took us a while to balance all three of the physics system, the show characters, and the puzzle design, so we extended the originally planned development period by a few months. This leads to the fact that the release date of the game coincides with the launch of the next generation console. We are especially proud of it. Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead These amazing platforms will make you one of the truly new games. Bridge Constructor has always been a mobile and PC brand, and seeing how the pioneering console audience reacts to the game, this is a new area for us.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

Xbox Live

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

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$ 14.99

Experience the fun of killing Walkers with the power of your brain! Get ready for the ultimate mashup experience! Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead combines the legendary and rewarding puzzle gameplay of Bridge Constructor ™ with the apocalyptic zombie universe of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Join the group of survivors as they fight hordes of undead walkers and hostile human communities. Build bridges and other structures through desolate landscapes and devastated structures. Team up with fans such as Darryl, Michonne, and Eugene to create a safe walkway for the series’ iconic vehicles. Use movable levels of objects, explosives, and baits to your advantage when luring pedestrians into deadly traps and guiding survivors safely. Enjoy physics-based frenzy and ragdoll animations as pedestrians succumb to gravity.

Mashing up Bridge Constructor and AMC’s The Walking Dead

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