Mask of the Rose is a Fallen London romance simulation game created by Failbetter Games.

In 1862, the earth was hollow and bats stole London. The city was put into a huge cave. Welcome to the Fallen London Universe. The universe started out as a free-to-play browser RPG, and then diverged into games such as: Sunless Sea And Sky without the sun.. Now the developer, Failbetter Games, has announced a romance game in the same universe. Rose mask..

Failbetter provides a brief overview of the game and potential love interests.

Rose mask It takes place in 1862, just months after London was stolen by a bat. Londoners are still acclimatizing to underground life. The old road signs have been erased. New ministries and new festivals have been established. It seems that the mysterious bazaar master is in charge.

You share your boarding house with a few other guests. Archie, a medical student, directly discovered that death works differently here. Griselda, an aide to the new master. Horatia, a landlady with a soft spot for the indigenous people of Nice. A local police officer, Hagit, is looking for a missing person.

If you live a new life below, you may find yourself visiting the underwater ruins of Congress. Intervene in a murder trial where the victim is a witness. Or steer a hooded, loud master through the subtleties of London courtship. Even if you choose to live in Nice, you have your own friendship, and your own heart.

The previous Sunless game was a text-based RPG, but it gained a new visual world for exploring through mobile systems and light top-down combat. On the other hand, the next game will include content familiar to Fallen London players, such as mystery solving and exploration, but in this game you will spend a considerable amount of one-on-one time with romance and characters. Is promised.

The game’s Kickstarter will begin in February 2021.

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