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At the main event Underground submission 20, Absolute champion Mason Fowler He finished his work and defended his belt against Ryan Bader.

After stepping in for a few seconds, Fowler sat down on his hips and pulled the birder into the guard. That was the beginning of the end. Birder tried to push the champion into the cage, which gave Fowler the opportunity to put the shoulder crunch in place. At first, the brown belt of the Caio Terra Academy seemed to use this position to clean, but after stretching and popping out, he could get a straight armlock and tap the birder. I was forced.

by BJJ Heroes, This is his 10th professional fighting match. He of course competed extensively, but he is professionally listed as 9-1.He revenge on Craig Jones for his only loss twice, not once August 16 And August 17..

His 27-year-old Submission Underground debut August 15 He won three wins against Warren Brooks, Cody Steele and Roberto Jimenez. Since Jones’ victory, he has defeated Vinny Magalhaes at SUG18 and Satoshi Ishii at SUG19.

At the end of the SUG 20 broadcast, Chael Sonnen The promotion has announced that it will resume with the UFC Fight Pass in March. Does this mean I could see Mason Fowler defending his belt again?

Who do you think CTA’s brown belt, Mason Fowler, will face next?

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Mason Fowler taps Ryan Bader at SUG20 main event Mason Fowler taps Ryan Bader at SUG20 main event

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