Mass Effect 4: Everything We Know

At The Game Awards 2020, viewers were amazed at the launch trailer for the brand new Mass Effect game. The new Mass Effect, which is currently unnamed, looks like a direct sequel to Mass Effect 3, but there’s a hint that further disassembly of the trailer could be a follow-up to Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Developer BioWare has already confirmed that it’s working on a new Mass Effect with Dragon Age 4 and Anthem 2.0, but the Game Awards trailer is the first official view of the game’s potential. Sure, not so many. The trailer introduces the two galaxies, zooms in on the Milky Way, plays a radio transmission that introduces human evolution in space travel, and finally focuses on the ice planet.

On this planet, a hooded figure climbs a destroyed grim reaper and finds N7 armor in snow and ice. The figure then pulls back on the hood, revealing that it is Liara T’Soni, the character who returned from the original trilogy. The camera refocuses and shows that she participated in this expedition with three other figures, but their identities are unknown. .. Liara is a clam (a race of aliens that looks young for centuries and lives for nearly 1000 years) and is only 109 in Mass Effect 3, so it’s not possible to actually use her appearance to estimate elapsed time. can not. It feels like BioWare has specifically chosen to feature only her in the first trailer of the new game for that very purpose.

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Release date

BioWare has not announced the release date of this new Mass Effect. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will be released for Xbox One, PS4 and PC in February 2021, and given that other teams in BioWare are still redesigning Anthem and working on Dragon Age 4, I think this new Mass Effect is still there.


The launch platform for this new Mass Effect has not yet been revealed, but it is expected to be released for current generation consoles, the Xbox Series X | S and PS5, and PCs. A few years later. It’s doubtful that it will be released for past generations of hardware, but nothing has been officially excluded.

PC system specifications

Again, this game hasn’t been confirmed on any hardware yet. This includes PCs. It’s not yet known what the minimum and recommended PC specs for this Mass Effect will be, or if the game will be released for PC.


So far, there’s one trailer for the new Mass Effect. It is embedded below.

Multiplayer details

BioWare does not share whether the new Mass Effect has multiplayer. Hopefully, as both Mass Effect 3 and Mass Effect: Andromeda featured a very fun horde mode multiplayer with an emphasis on teamwork and strategy.

DLC / Microtransaction Details

There is no announcement from BioWare or Publisher EA as to whether the new Mass Effect will support DLC or microtransactions. Mass Effect 3 and Mass Effect: Andromeda both feature microtransactions in their respective multiplayer, and the original trilogy features DLC extensions, additional squads, story-driven side quests, additional weapons and armor. Has been added. To date, both Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 have some of the best post-release DLCs in RPGs with expansion packs for the Lair of the Shadow Broker and Citadel.

pre order

BioWare’s new Mass Effect cannot be pre-ordered yet.

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