Mass Effect 4 has an official public trailer, as does Dragon Age 4.

Reala is back, will anyone else be back? (Photo: BioWare)

The new Mass Effect has the trailer for the first movie, featuring Liara T’Soni and the meaning it’s set in the Milky Way.

Technically, BioWare has already promised a new Mass Effect in progress, Given the recent upheaval in the studio, we shared some production artwork, given that getting the official trailer is warmly welcomed by the fans.

It doesn’t seem to be much revealed at first, except that it includes Liara T’Soni. There is no official name (hence it may not actually be called Mass Effect 4), and there is no confirmation of the exact time set for the previous three games and the spin-off Andromeda.

The fact that she is in the trailer is not the case with any of the other well-known characters, as clams like Riara can live up to 1000 years, with this and the original trilogy. It may indicate a large time gap between them.

But what the trailer seems to offer is that the game is set in our own Milky Way, there is an image of the destroyed mass relay, and the Andromeda galaxy is very clearly visible in the background. ..

Earlier rumors suggest that the artwork appears to show Angala aliens only from that galaxy, but BioWare will not completely ignore Andromeda.

There isn’t much else to tell from the trailer. At least I don’t think there is a way to know what an ice planet is.

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It’s clearly a mud skipper from the background production artwork, like the Salarian, Turian, and Crogan standing next to it.

The object Liara picks up from the ground seems to be a piece of N7 armor, but it’s probably just an excuse to display the logo on the screen.

Mass Effect wasn’t the only BioWare game at The Game Awards. The new Dragon Age (also not yet properly named) also has a new trailer.

A glimpse of Tewinter’s new settings and the returning character Solas didn’t reveal much.

In that sense, I was a little disappointed because Dragon Age came out first and is still to be judged in this trailer. The fact that you haven’t seen the gameplay footage yet doesn’t seem to be the case. It ended immediately.

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Mass Effect 4 gets official reveal trailer and so does Dragon Age 4

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