Mass Effect Legendary Edition sets a new BioWare concurrent player record on Steam

By Dom Peppiatt
May 17, 2021 18:26 GMT

Mass Effect Legendary Edition It was just released on Friday, but it’s already rippling on Steam and physics charts. Some exemplary player numbers have already appeared.

BioWare’s latest remaster hasn’t been released in a week and is already impacting the gaming industry. From changing Tali’s photo in Mass Effect 3 to giving players the opportunity to import Shepherd’s face via face code, the game spits and polishes a bit of the iconic series. It is no exaggeration to say that it is called.

These improvements are not lost to the player. So far, the maximum simultaneous total for the game has reached 59,650 (via the Steam chart). This is the best BioWare game has reached on Steam (thanks, Benji Sales). Not bad, right?

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The game also tops the UK physics game charts, removing Resident Evil Village from the top spot last week. The game population seems to be hungry for the crew of Shepherd and Normandy.

Our own Alex Donaldson said the Legendary Edition’s Mass Effect Remaster is great, but the flashy visuals obscure some of the original mood and tone, allowing developers to rethink the game’s level scaling system. He also criticized the strange choices he made.

If you want to improve your experience with the latest version of BioWare, you’ll be delighted to know that Mass Effect Legendary Edition has already received the FOV mod.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition sets new BioWare concurrent player record on Steam

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