Mass Effect’s Casey Hudson and Dragon Age’s Mark Darrah both depart from BioWare

With BioWare Casey Hudson General Manager Dragon age Executive Producer Mark Darrah has announced that he will be leaving BioWare for a surprise shakeup at the top of the company.

The pair made announcements through their Twitter accounts, posted their own blogs on the Bioware website, and decided to resign. Casey Hudson said, “I was very fortunate to have a career that I could do. Work with talented people to create the whole world from our imagination and have millions of people around the world enjoy it. “I decided to retire from the studio and give way to the next generation of studio leaders,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Mark Dollar said in his own resignation post: “This was a very difficult decision for me. A great team of developers Dragon age, Make my life richer and better. They taught me a lot. But the strength of the team also makes this possible. I know that Dragon Age will not only survive without me, but will prosper. “

In a supplementary statement by Laura Miele, Chief Studios Officer at Electronic Arts, “Thanks to Casey and Mark for everything we have done for the BioWare community, especially for our players. They have always been important in the history of the studio. It will continue to be a part. Thank you for their many contributions and look forward to what they will do next. “

Miele also outlined how the studio would continue to work on both the new Mass Effect and Dragon Age projects underway at the studio, and said that in the latter case Christian Daily would take over the reign of Christian Daily. Dragon Age 4 The search for a new general manager to replace Hudson (which I’m calling for now) was already Mass effect The project has already been led by Mike Gamble of BioWare since last year.

This is the second time Hudson has left BioWare after serving as project director for the Mass Effect series between 2007 and 2012. Previously, I left to take on new challenges at Microsoft in 2014, but I’m back in 2017.This departure was to support the announcement Mass Effect Legendary Edition A remaster of the original trilogy, which will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC next spring.

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