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Senoia, Georgia – Maze Massey and Doug Stevens will not return as promoters of the Senoia Raceway after truck owner Charlie Edwards exercises the option of not renewing Massey and Stevens’ leases on the truck.

“We couldn’t close the deal Charlie wanted,” Massey said. “That’s a bit disappointing. I felt I did a lot for the truck and wanted to continue. Charlie wanted it because I couldn’t buy it.”

Edwards contacted Maze Massey on December 15, the same day his father and Senoah Raceway’s business partner Bill Massey died. He informed Maze Massey that he didn’t want to renew his truck lease and that several buyers were lined up to buy the property. The current lease agreement between the parties expired on 31 December.

“I was really surprised,” Massey added. “We did some scrambling and made some phone calls, but in the end, no deal could happen to our team. Charlie hearts to someone else who controls the truck. It seems that he was pointing. “

Massey and Stevens, along with Bill Massey, took over the operation of the Senoa Raceway in 2015. The promoter team won the Racing Promotion Monthly Southeast Promoter of the Year Award for their work after the 2018 season. Super late model races after nearly 30 years of rest, track restructuring that allows for more side-by-side races, and the introduction of a unique gray Gamboclay that creates a smooth race surface.

“It’s a kind of bitter taste that remains in our mouth,” Massey said. “This place made a lot of sense to my dad. We wanted to keep it growing in honor of him. It’s a bad deal for us.”

Massey and Stevens offer to remove all equipment from the track’s possession and then sell it to someone who can manage the race track.

“Our friend Clint Smith offered to store the equipment in his nearby store until he found a place to store everything,” Massey said. “He is a great friend to us and was just as surprised as we were about Charlie’s decision not to renew his lease.”

Both Massey and Stevens acknowledged how grateful they are to the fans, drivers, crew members and stakeholders who have supported their efforts over the last five years.

“We have been honored to serve the racing community over the last few years and are grateful for their support,” Stevens nodded for approval. “We cherish the memories we made with them all.”

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Massey & Stevens as Senoia Promoter Massey & Stevens as Senoia Promoter

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