Master Chief takes off his helmet with Taika Waititi’s new Xbox Series X ads and he’s a cat

Microsoft has been very successful with the latest ads on the Xbox Series X | S and hired Thor: Ragnarok’s director Taika Waititi to create a special spot for next-generation consoles that visualize the dreams of Xbox fans. did. This included the Master Chief as a cat.

The video is very trippy. It records the true dream of streamer Krystal Holmes AKA MoonLite Wolf. He recorded her dream and sent it to Waititi for visual interpretation by him and others.

The Xbox team used a method called Targeted Dream Incubation. MoonLiteWolf experienced a guided sleep experience called Hypnagogia. This was tracked by a device called the Hypnago Gear Headband. Then she was asked to remember her dreams, and Waititi visualized them.

The whole video is hospitable, but perhaps the best part is how MoonLiteWolf dreamed of being the Master Chief. In her dream, the Master Chief took off his helmet (which he never did in the game) and revealed himself to be a cat. And this Master Chief cat begins to dance. It’s very strange and cool.

This is all part of Microsoft’s new marketing initiative called “Made from Dreams,” an extension of the “Power Your Dreams” marketing tagline for the Xbox Series X | S.

Professional American football player Odell Beckham Jr. also participated in the dream experience. He shared his true dream with the Xbox team, who created a pair of controllers and Nike Air Force 1 shoes based on what he saw. The controllers listed below will be available to win the sweepstakes. Details on how to win will be announced at a later date.

OBJ dreamed of designing these Xbox controllers

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