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In a recent episode of’s “Nitty Gritty Dirt Show,” host Billi Bhatti and former WWE writer Vince Russo talked to WWE superstar Matt Riddle about his current deal status. Wrestling-Edge has posted the following Bhatti comment:

Bati: While we’re talking about the deal, Riddle and Ali apparently haven’t signed the new deal. There are conflicting reports, whether he had it or not, and I don’t think he has it. With a talent of $ 400,000, he’s not crazy about these three-year deals. Ants are less than worth 250,000 or less. Riddle is 400,000 because they want to do something with him and he hasn’t signed it. So what happens? He hasn’t signed the contract and will be killed on TV this week.

Bati continued:

“How it works. You lose the match at Royal Rumble without signing the contract. The match between Lashley and they killed him on TV this week attacked him. Didn’t give, and that’s because he didn’t sign his contract. If you need a clue as to who’s right or who’s wrong, first of all, I’m usually right, so that’s the first Secondly, when they watch TV and they start burying people out of nowhere, they usually have some sort of problem with it. WWE has given him through problems such as domestic violence. Having supported him, he feels he needs to sign his contract. “

Bhatii also said:

Bati: “Therefore, where Riddle is signing this deal, his $ 400,000 a year is Kevin Owens, Mizu, or [Dolph] Ziggler will probably get. In addition, Ziggler and Ms have been there for much longer, so they have more influence. They won the deal. They have a tenure. “

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Matt Riddle reportedly declines big WWE contract Matt Riddle reportedly declines big WWE contract

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